Zomato Once a user registers themselves on Zomato through

Zomato started in2008 as restaurant search and discovery service and hasnow entered into online delivery and booking management segments as well.

Initialisedand launched in India at first, it currently operates in 23 countries,including Australia and United States. It  acts as platform for users to find informationand reviews about restaurants, including images of menus which are generallynot available elsewhere.Though Zomato was started withobjective of providing restaurant search service, its main object is togenerate revenue and deliver profit to its stakeholders. Zomato uses gamificationon its website and app as a tool for user engagement. And this has helped itgenerate profit in most of the countries it operates in. Through this study wewill look into how what procedure Zomato follows to generate revenue and howgamification has helped it in these regards.To start with Zomato usesLeaderboard concept on its App and Website. Once a user registers themselves onZomato through website or app they assigned a rank which indicates theirposition on the leaderboard and also a badge.

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To improve their ranking user hasto write review and upload photos of the restaurant they visited. The users get25 points for each review. There are total 5 badges and 13 levels which a user canachieve based on the points they have accumulated. The details of the same are mentionedbelow in the table.   Level Points Foodie 1 0 2 25 3 100 Big Foodie 4 250 5 500 6 800 7 1200 Super Foodie 8 1600 9 2400 10 3200 11 4500 Connoisseur 12 6000 13 8000  In addition, this level there isalso a badge named expert. An expert is regarded as a person who knows area intheir city inside out. In order to get expert tag, user has to write 10 reviewsand upload 50 photos for restaurants in a single neighbourhood to become anexpert.Zomato also gives verified badgeswhere in the company manually verifies the reviewer and if the criteria are met,gives the reviewer a verified badge.

Zomato also arrange meetups generally referredas ‘Zomato Meetups’. These help user to have a social visibility, recognition, popularityetc. In short it helps user to attain some status in society.

As a token of appreciation Zomato givessome of the reviewers on its platform gift voucher which mostly restaurant discountcoupons.It can be clearly seen that Zomato usesgamification concepts like Leaderboards, Rewards, Achievement & Status foruser engagement. User engagement in turn helps Zomatoto achieve its ultimate goal of revenue generation and earn profits. With everincreasing number of users trying look out for places to dine in, order onlineand book in advance, restaurant feel the need to get into some kind ofpartnership Zomato. Zomato offers paid promotion service for the restaurantwhose rates are decided as per the negotiation between the parties. In additionto this, with healthy number of users on its platform Zomato has also enteredinto food delivery segment, wherein a restaurant partners with Zomato to get orders.

Zomato charges a commission on the order placed on pay per basis or percentageof order value whichever is mentioned in the contract. Zomato Book is a CRMsoftware offered by Zomato which enables restaurant to have an online bookingservice through Zomato website or mobile application. Zomato charges monthlysubscription rentals from partnered restaurant. All in all, gamification used as atool for user engagement helps Zomato to generate revenue and earn profitthrough selling advertisement, commissions on delivery order and servicesubscription charges.