ystem benefit from this discovery. Technology is exchanged easily

ystemensures that communication between these businesses is efficient, createshealthy competition and improves the services delivered to clients andcustomers. The application of information technology in inter organizations areas followsInformation technology improvecompetition, as there are some relationships betweendifferent business partners or companies, through the use of informationtechnology these partners can increase some innovations to the business so thatthey can be not the same with their competitor, the issue of competitionincreases the goodness and the quality of products in the market. For example,transportations companies they can have relationship but through application ofinformation technology each company concentrate on improving its services totheir customers, hence competition.Supply chain management,refers to the network and communication between interconnected businesses thatdepend on one another to deliver a product or service to the public.

Aninterorganizational system creates automated communication betweeninterconnected businesses, or information that is programmed to update itself,with minimal manual operation from a worker. Example the company’s that practicesupply chain management are like the coca cola company, Zara company Colgate,amazon and other many companies. Basing on coca cola company, the main officeis located in Atlanta but their products are distributed to virtually everycountry in the world.Technology exchange, Runningan IOS requires the use of technology. Phones, computers, internet andintelligent computer programs and software are used to send and receivemessages and store and interpret data. When one company implements and uses anew technology in an IOS system, uniting companies automatically benefit fromthis discovery. Technology is exchanged easily and encourages creators todevelop new products and programs. For example, the inter organization has ledto the relationship between company’s inside the country and companies outsidethe country, this relation has led to the exchange of technology.

Reduce business risk,every business takes risks during the process of production. These risksinclude safety, financial and operational risks. An effective ISO systemreduces these risks, making sure each aspect of the business is being watched.

The system provides checks and balances that hold each aspect of the companyaccountable to one another and joining companies.Otherapplications of information technology in inter organization areØ  Accessto new ideas, material, and other resourcesØ  Reducedduplication of servicesØ  Moreefficient use of resourcesØ  Increasedpower and influenceØ  Abilityto address issues beyond a single organization’s domainØ  Sharedresponsibility for complex or controversial issuesQN2.Information technologyis the application of computer to store, study, retrieve transmit andmanipulate data. The application of information technology can be used instoring, can be used for studying transmit some information and manipulatedata. In information technology there are some social, ethical and politicalissues that relates to it,Social,the information technology has got a big relation to the social issues, examplethere are the application of social networks or social media like InstagramFacebook, twitter, tango, radios, and televisions. There for through the innovationsof information technology the social issues has simplified many thingsincluding fast communication.

Also, the main information technology socialissues include the improvement of education, through increasing the universities,schools and other education institute. Healthy services on the use of modernequipment like computer in monitoring the body system. Ethics,is a reflection on morality.

It refers to the principles of right and wrong inmaking choice by individuals. It has been described as the art and science thatseeks to bring sensitivity and method to the discernment of moral values. Nowon the ethics we can talk about the opportunity to commit crimes withInformation technology, on violation of privacy, intellectual property right issues,recognition for personal and corporate ethics associated with ICT. Informationtechnology is facing many challenges which are lack of privacy, security,copyright infringement, and increased computer crimes.

There for criminals hasbeen utilizing the many chance technology offers to destroy ethics of themajority in the society. Also, information technology has lead to lower thevalue of the tradition, customs and culture of the society. Example people canuse online programs to find and learn about the western culture which then itcan cause moral decay in he society by copying on those new culture.Security,information technology has brought internet where by hackers has found it veryeasy to hack into any computer or system as long as it is connected to theinternet, hackers always use address to access users and collect data forselfishness which then it is bad ethics to the society.Copyright infringement, Informationtechnology has made it easy for users to access any information at any giventime. Example with the increased development of music sharing networks andphoto bookmarking sites, many original creators of these works are losing thecredibility of their works because users of IT can easily gain access and sharethat data with friends. Lots of original work are like music albums, books arebeing downloaded for free.

Political,Thefollowing are the political issues related to the information technologyForexamples, the information technology has led to the discovery of many campaignslike that of Rock the vote thecampaign partnered with Motorola in 2004 to register an estimated 1.2 millionnew voters to receive information on their mobile devices. The democraticonline fundraising outfit Act blue was registered in the same year.Inearly 2005 the popular video sharing site YouTube was formed by Steve chen, chadHurley and jawed Karim. It changed the face of political campaigns byempowering citizens to post their own videos from campaign events, exposingpolitician and their faux pas.Therefor through the clever use of technology politician have waken up entiregenerations of new potential voters.

A candidate without some sort of onlinepresence would now be at a terrible disadvantage over other candidates who areexploiting technology to help them gain attention, money, support and voters.