Youth-Physical it shows because a lot of kids today

     Youth-Physical Activity Towards Health: evidence and background to the development of the Y-PATH physical activity intervention for adolescentsSerena GonzalezNorthwest Vista CollegeBIOL. 1322-004Professor Dania Rossi                  I’ve been physically active since I was a kid and I was always outside with friends.

Now and says, kids spend most of their time insides on electronics and very little time outside being active. It amazes me how lazy kids are these days and it shows because a lot of kids today are obese and on their way to being overweight. I chose this topic because I’m interested in how others are trying to prevent kids from becoming obese, as well as the statistics. BMC Public Health published this research article, and the School of Health and Human Performance, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland was involved in conducting this article. According to the BMC Public Health “e. The purpose of the current research was to gather data on adolescent youth in order to inform the development of a targeted physical activity intervention” (Belton, 2014, p.

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1). A cross-sectional research design was used, and they conducted interviews with 256 youth. According to BMC Public Health “A subsample participated in focus group interviews to explore their perceptions of health and identify barriers and motivators to participation in physical activity” (Belton, 2014, p. 1). More than half the youth did not reach the minimum amount of physical activity and almost all of them were not up to par on the fundamental movement skill. The BMC Public Health also stated that a fourth of the youth interview were considered obese. Many of the active youth had a better understanding of the term being healthy vs the inactive youth.

I do agree with results because now and days kids aren’t as active like they used to be when technology wasn’t as big. There was no evidence reported of similar results.             If I wanted to find more information on this topic I would search other databases or make sure the domains on the websites were either .edu or .gov. Many of .

edu and .gov websites have more recent information and reliable work. However, if I’m unsure I could look at the author’s credentials and view the website for any unwanted adds. If I wanted to test their hypothesis I would gather many kids ranging from different ages and gather their weight and BMI’s and also conduct a survey like this article had stated. I would also want to run some test and have them do some easy exercise activities and test their vitals to see the difference between active and inactive kids. I would do a cross-sectional research design and experimental because both would give me a substantial amount of information and results.             Overall, the scientific method is a great way to gather information and put it all together to form a well-written research article.

It includes the observation, a hypothesis or purpose, a way to test out the hypothesis, gather data and publishes results. It helps evaluate the quality of nutrition research because it gives a what, how, and why to what is being observed. Work has to be put into the scientific method and it makes it easier to figure things out.                       Reference PageBelton, S.

, Brien, W. O., Meegan, S.

, Woods, C., & Issartel, J. (2014). Youth-Physical Activity Towards Health: evidence and background to the development of the Y-PATH physical activity intervention for adolescents. BMC Public Health,14(1). doi:10.1186/1471-2458-14-122