Youth of media. Young children are easily became the

Youth are there to shape the future of the country.

Theyconstitute the core of humanity in the world. They are the life veins ofthe society. They are regarded as strong foundation of the progressive anddeveloping nation, and the builders of the future world. They are the supremeassets of every country and therefore every effort should be made to providethem equal opportunities for their development. Youth are also regarded as giftof God and future of the country and it is the responsibility of everyone toensure them a safe environment to live in where they generate a good future forthe country. There is no exaggeration if it is said that future well being of aparticular nation depends upon how the children grow and develop.1But with the advent of industrialization, urbanization and especiallyadvancement in technology one of the various problems out of socialdisorganization is a criminal behavior among youth and it needs a greatestconcern in the maintenance of social and cultural system of any country.

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In themodern era the social media as well as the mass media significantly influenceyouth behavior. Mediaconsists of every kind of broadcasting and narrowcasting medium such astelevision, radio, newspapers, billboards, mails, telephone, cell phones, fax,internet etc as the important means of mass communication. Media is a vehicleand a channel which is used to convey information, entertainment, news,education etc. But with the advantages of media there are several disadvantagesof media. Young children are easily became the victims of bad impact ofmedia.  Youths are especially vulnerableto the media.

This condition points to concerns on possible negative effects ofthe media on youth behavior. Media is also consideredas cause of crime or delinquency because children are of easy impressionablemind. What they see on the television, cinema, video games, mobile, I-pads,computers they try to do as it is in real life. Present day movies, games,cartoons and other videos on social media as well as mass media are full ofcriminal activities scenes like violence, robbery, theft, loot and rape etc.Misuse of media among youth causes serious problems such as physical health aswell as mental health change, changing in behavior, increasing aggression, cybercrimes, communal disharmony, inciting hatred by circulating baseless content onsocial media, sexual crimes, increasing of gangsters, violence, rioting,internet terrorism, religious intolerance etc. Youths are easily vulnerable tonegative influence of behaviors as well as beliefs through media.

  Participationof youth in online social media web sites such as face book and twitter hascreated a new environment in which they exposed to drugs related and obscenityrelated content. The parents must be carefuland serious in not taking their children to undesirable pictures especiallywith the crime scenes on the social media as well as mass media. It is truethat the media has an adverse effect on the moral sense of the children becauseof its emphasis on violence, crime and sex. Too crazy people for movies neglecttheir studies, waste their precious time, neglect games as well as otherphysical activities, losing sleep and turn truant from school and house. Quiteoften when they don’t have money for the cinema ticket, they resort tostealing.

 The undesirable influence oftelevision lies in introducing an element of impersonal relationships in thefamily. According to Marie Seton,2 interest in films in thecountry (India) is unparallel; therefore, carefully planned programmes withappeal to different groups could be built up through suitable films. Misuseof media among youth is a globalproblem. Violent movies in TV, video games, mobile phones and computer networkshas authenticated deep effects which leads to criminal behavior among the youthand the crime rate among youth has been increasing day by day from the lastdecade in a developing country like India. It has universally accepted thatmedia pose deep negative influence on youth health, including overweight thatis obesity, violence, risky sexual behavior and drug addiction. It is now notjust kids in bad neighbourhoods or with “bad” friends who are likely to beexposed to bad things when they go out on the street. A “virtual” bad street iseasily available to most youth now in their very homes.  At present, crime by youth is like anincurable disease in our society.

The need of the hour is to cure such adisease and take necessary steps to save, protect and prevent future generationfrom committing crimes.  In most of thecontemporary societies, developed as well as developing, this problem is stillgrowing. The government of India has enacted Information technology Act, 2000to control and regulate social media. But there is no law to control andregulate electronic media in India. So there is a great need to enact a law tocontrol and regulate electronic media in India.

 Our government has also taken various steps to reform and rehabilitateyouth offenders. The Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 has been amended by theGovernment from time to time for the welfare of juvenile offenders and preventsthem from committing a crime again.3But inspite of such welfare law for youth offenders, there is a rise in thenumber of youth offenders across the country. Among youth the criminal behaviorhas assumed serious forms and which is a sign of sick society. The statisticsas well as data of crime rate amongst youth portray a dark-clouded picture forthe nation.

As per the record of National Crime Records Bureau, youth in theage group of 18 to 30 were responsible for 41 percent of the total heinouscrimes such as murder, rape, burglary, and kidnapping.4The another report of the National Crime RecordsBureau (NCRB) shows that the 60 percent of crimes against minors are done byyoungsters of age 16 and 18 and it also shows that the children betweenthe age group of 16-18 years were responsible for 66% of crimes committed byall children in 2013.5On December 16, 2012 the brutal gang rape of a paramedical student by six menon a moving bus in the national capital shook the nation for the sheerbrutality and torture inflicted on the helpless girl. Mostly the perpetratorsof the crime were between the age group of 15-18 years.  Before discussing the impact of media as wellas various factors leading to criminal behavior among youth it is necessary todiscuss the meaning of youth. So  the meaningof youth is discussed below.1 Laxmi kant Pandey v. Union ofIndia 1984 (2) SCC 244.

2 Marie Seton, The Films as theEducational force in India, Ministry of the education, Government of India 1956pp. II and 40-41.   3 The JuvenileJustice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 (JJ Act) has been amendedtwice i.e. in 2006 and 2011 respectively and by replacing and repealing theexisting Juvenile justice Act, 2000 a new law enacted which is known as”Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children Act) 2015″  4National Crime Records Bureau report,2002.5 Crimes in India, 2014:p 128-129.