You wonder if the college is really worth the

You are always one decision away from a totally different life. Nowadays, choosing between four-year college and two-year college is quite difficult. But since many years, the four-year college has been considered to be the best way to get proper jobs and careers but the rising cost of education is making the parents of High School graduates wonder if the college is really worth the cost.

Many students graduated from vocational school have been successful but those who pursued an advanced degree are more successful and settled in their lives. High school students should be for four-year college because most of the career paths today require a bachelor’s degree, it not only gives you a degree but also develops your perspective and it gives more career choices with advanced degrees.          Four-year college gives a better view of life and also develops your perspective. But many people say its really expensive and is it worth the cost? In one of the source, John Green also places the same question. He assumes that “college costs $17500 and also that universities are overpriced but still worth it”.

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He also shared one of his experience that before having a bachelor’s degree he worked at the Steak & Shake stock, he said,”But about once a week at 3 or 3:30 in the morning, I’d walked into the bathroom and even though the toilet was fully functional, I’d notice that there was vomit into the urinal” and he had to clean it. Instead, after he got his bachelor’s degree he got a better job as an assistant at Booklist magazine where he didn’t have to do any other work except his job. Finally, he claimed that job was better in every way, it meant that four-year college was worth the cost and this degree gave him a better view of life.

Although some of  college graduate’s claim is acceptable but vocational school graduates disagree that four-year college is worth the cost, by stating that a survey proved that “two-year college students or vocational school students were getting paid $20 or more an hour at a company called Air Products”. They also interviewed a boy working there and he said,”I’m only 16-year old but I’m already earning more than most of my friends” (Stossel). So, why waste money on four-year college instead you can do two-year college and get paid enough. The college graduates acknowledge their evidence but they said that look at their standard of living. Do they get time to rest or time to spend with their family on occasions? No! They don’t have a better view of life. No matter if college takes four-years of  hard work, but after they finish it they could get a exceptional job which makes their life balanced where they can also earn and spend time with their family.

       Most career paths require a bachelor’s degree in today’s world and it also gives you a higher chance to get a job. A survey found that Bachelor’s degree holders gained 4.6 million jobs instead Vocational school graduates gained 3.1 million jobs.

“The Great Recession decimated low-skilled blue-collar and clerical jobs, whereas the recovery added primarily high-skill managerial and professional jobs” (“College”). This illustrates that people with Bachelor’s degree got more jobs. Two-year college graduates do not deny this evidence but they said according to a survey done by Sandra Smith, it proves that people with the two-year college degree also gets hired on high positions. “In fact, the CEO of the Air Products company was also a vocational-school kid who was hired a decade ago but he later attended college and got a degree.

” states Sandra Smith. College graduates agrees with them until a point but they argue about a claim mentioned in their evidence that “he later attended college and got a degree”, if  he would’ve done it before then his time was going to save. So it meant he made the wrong decision at that time and when he realized, he needed a degree, he went to four-year college.Which proves their point that most of the career paths and jobs need a Bachelor’s degree. It gives them an advantage of being more likely to be hired compared to students who don’t have the degree.          A Bachelor’s degree gives them more job choices with higher salaries. College graduates supports their claim by stating that according to an article, “High School graduate will have limited job options with an average salary of $20,375, Two-year college gives you an edge for some jobs but still have fewer job options with an average salary of $32,149 instead four-year college open countless career doors and solid jobs with an average salary of  $52,385″(“What’s” 24). This shows that the more education they have the better job they could get.

This makes it easier for them to save money for luxury and important purchases. When it comes to two-year college, it gets them a job but they might have to wait really long time to be able to live a comfortable and better life. It means they’ll work most of their life and would have a short time to live their life to the fullest.        College graduates conclude that, High School students should go to four-year college as it gives them a proper standard of living, high paying solid jobs, and many opportunities for advancement. Most adults still believe that college is the best way to get a bright future.

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