Yearly, the right to have the equal satisfactory of

Yearly, the celebration of international women’s days being celebrated, this celebration began since 1911 and was made to honor and privilege women and girls all over the world for their great accomplishment to battle oppression of their sex. This celebration has always been a day to remember for millions of women around the globe. It has also been seen by different organizations at the importance of education for women as it is part of women’s rights and gender equality.

Nowadays, the amount of girls, women attending schools and universities has increased mainly in developed countries. Nevertheless, notwithstanding development and progression, girls and women continue to encounter various obstacles built on gender including its connection with other aspects. These aspects comprise of age, poverty, ethnicity, conflict, disability, gender equality/discrimination and the right to have the equal satisfactory of quality education. This happens to incorporate barriers, at all stages, to access quality education and systems, classrooms and institutions such as the following negative stereotyping, young marriage and pregnancy, violence towards women/girls and unsuitable quality learning environments. This happens mostly in African countries as lesser than 200 woman go to university.

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Gender discrimination is mostly common in countries like Africa, Arab, Asia, etc.Many countries suffer from underdevelopment which is caused by uneducated girls and woman leading to decreases in the productivity of the nation. “Only around 30 per cent of all girls worldwide have made it to secondary education and more than 66 per cent of all university students are male. In sub-Saharan Africa for example, most girls only receive two years of education and do not learn to read or write, nor are they able to perform basic arithmetic” says Barbara Matera. She also mentions that education is power, which I highly agree with as it gives women the ability to be confident to make their own choices, decisions and embracing their own skills and talents. This also empowers them to make life easier for men and changing the world to the better.Many organizations are working on helping this issue like “The international community” as it realized the key is equal education and gender equality.

The international human rights law will make it legal to remove discriminatory obstacles and make it easy for women to access education and spread gender equality