Writing In order to prevent these problems, such causes

Writing SampleI could findresearch that can match my area of interests at Department of Behavioral andSocial Science at Brown University. I have examined number of patientssuffering with premalignant lesions and conditions in the oral cavity, oralmalignancies that result from chronic use of tobacco chewing and/or tobaccosmoking. Although we instruct them to quit smoking, many of them fail to do so.There are various reasons that contribute to this. The research at youruniversity that is focusing right from multifactorial aspects of smoking inadolescence to various approaches for smoking cessation, like pharmacotherapyand psychological reinforcement and effects of smoking abstinence is really onethat makes me apply to the PhD program.

During the fourth year and internshipof my BDS studies, I had keen interest in studying about the effects oftobacco. Presently, while working with NGO, I come across many incidences whereI observe people addicted to alcohol. There are some adolescents who aretrapped in drug abuse. I can find social, economic and cultural factorsaggravating these problems. These are my research interests matching with the Departmentof Behavioral and Social sciences those match these areas.

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Having beenworking in a developing country like India, I can closely observe a wide rangeof people. These people from variegated cultural and socioeconomic backgroundshave been a major investing factor towards my interest in ‘Behavioral andSocial Sciences’ that can advocate and endorse healthier lifestyle in thesociety.In such alarge population of more than 1.25 billion people of India, not enoughfacilities reach all classes. Due to socio-economic disparity, falsepresumptions, lack of awareness I have often observed hesitation that hinderspeople from seeking help. I encounter many problems in group discussions withadolescents and their parents regarding various issues. However, I observe someproblems similar or exacerbated in adulthood of a person. There are problemslike addiction, sexuality, stress, relationship conflicts, depression etc.

thoseoccur in adulthood of a person. Such problems might have deep-seated roots inadolescence. In order to prevent these problems, such causes need to be studiedin depth. These issues may worsen in later life. There is likelihood that theproblems can damage physical and mental health of a person and can result intoserious consequences.  In order toprevent these consequences, there is a need to study the etiologies of theseproblems in adolescence. Proper use of funds and government intervention willease needy people to seek support.

Research can provide need based refinedsolutions. Thorough research needs to be done about clinical, laboratory,social and psychological aspects of these issues. These studies can help toplan and execute the programs that can ameliorate the conditions. The researchwork at your university can give me exposure to a diversified experience tocontribute towards global health. My experience and aim towards working fortribal and low socioeconomic populaces makes me feel befitting for the program.The mission of the university mentions about working for marginalized andvulnerable populations. This mission is also shared by me.

The contemporaryapproaches of the department to study use of E-cigarettes, text-messaging,videos and web- based programs are contemporary and can give me pragmaticoutlook towards the issues and their solutions. I have been using the method ofvideos and in-person counseling. Having counselled assorted sets of people, Ihave gather experiences that motivate me to take interest in research.

I have beenworking with various innovative ideas to overcome such problems. But with theprecious guidance of faculty members of the institution, I can definitely learnrationalized and new approaches. I can observe many similar research intereststhat I share with faculties Dr. Kristina Jackson, Dr.

Rachel Cassidy and Dr.Sara Becker of the Department of Behavioral and social Sciences at BrownUniversity. Other faculties at the university too have multifarious approachesto public health those persuade me to apply to the university.  The research of Department of Behavioral andSocial Sciences at your university is extended to various developing countries.I can blend my cognizance and experience with such a diversified approach andknowledge that can facilitate and lead my way to develop my career in order tocontribute towards global health and mitigate the problems that can lead toharm the society.