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Would you believe that the more you till the soil,the more it gets harder?FARMING PROBLEM #2: Tillage and use ofexpensive machineWhy do farmers till the soil?NATURAL FARMING SOLUTION: EARTHWORMS, SMALL ANIMALS,AND MICROORGANISMSTillage is the manipulation of the soil with the use of machines to manage cropresidues, control the weeds, and prepare seed beds. But intensive tilling destroys soilsystems. It increases soil erosion and loses soil nutrients. It also upsets the bees.Tillage and use of expensive machine are unnecessary because we let thenature till itself. Instead of using machines for plowing, we use natural tillers such asearthworms, microorganisms, and small animals. The excretions of the earthworms turninto the best soil.

In Natural Farming, the soil inflates like a balloon. Our little workerstilled so well that your hand will slide in as if into a soft cake. Because you don’t till thesoil, the grass seeds in the soil do not come up to the surface. In other words, after thegrass on the surface has germinated and died, you will have no more weed problems!a.

To aerate the soil and soften it, so that roots may grow faster.b. To break up pathogen and cycle.c.

To be able to stop the growth cycle of weeds which absorb thenutrients from the soil.The machine can plow20 centimeters at best.Earthworms can dig7 meters for free!BENEFITS OF NATURAL TILLERS IN THE SOILNATURAL FARMING SOLUTION: APPLICATION OFNATURAL INPUTSNATURAL FARMING SOLUTION: USE OF NATURAL PESTICIDESFOR DISEASE AND PEST CONTROL• It reduces soil erosion.

• It increases soil organic matter and beneficial soil microorganisms.• It improves soil structure and aeration.• It retains soil moisture and water conservation.

Farmers are spending too much on chemical fertilizers. They think that chemicalinputs can help increase and grow their yield, but this belief is a great lie. Thesechemicals will only give disappointments and ill effects.

The use of chemicals can disruptthe natural cycle, reduce the soil fertility, and harm human health resulting to cancer andgenetic mutations.Natural inputs are sufficiently produced on the soil itself. Natural Farming usesinputs that are made of natural materials. These natural inputs maintain soil structureand fertility and increase soil’s nutrients. They are free of chemicals, thus safe to humanhealth and the environment.A farmer’s first possible solution to eliminate diseases and insects would be tosupply them with chemicals.

But this will only worsen the problem. Chemicals will disruptnature’s potentials to control diseases and insects. With the use of chemicals, it is notjust the diseases and pests it kills, as well as the beneficial insects. It will also harmhuman, plants, and animals.FARMING PROBLEM #3: Use of expensivechemical inputsFARMING PROBLEM #4: Diseases andInsectsA. Biological1.

The IMOs (see pages 16-26)*IMO1 (Mother IMO)*IMO2 (Development of IMO1)*IMO3 (Development of IMO2)*IMO4 (Development of IMO3)*IMO5 (Development of IMO4)2. The Fermented Bio-liquids (see pages 27-45)*Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ)*Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ)*Calcium (Ca)*Calcium Phosphate (CalPhos)*Fish Amino Acid (FAA)*Lactic Acid Bacteria Serum (LABS)*Oriental Herbal Nutrient (OHN)64 The Essentials of Natural Farming in Philippine Context Basics of Soil and Growth Management 65How to use: Dry and pulverize the wild pepper. Soak it overnight in water. Sprayon infected plants.

1. Wild pepper + waterB. Herbal