Worries something, our brains are picturing the theme in

Worries are inevitable, but are those worries worth it? Are they helpful?We say no worries only when we do have worries and this is interesting. Worrying about something is not helpful, we need to expect something positive instead of avoiding something negative. They are similar but the results are completely different. There is a psychology theory that proves this idea—when we are thinking about something, our brains are picturing the theme in our minds. So, if there is a picture or theme in a person’s head, he is going to act something related to the theme and it will lead to the same general direction or a similar result.

Here is an example—there are bocks beside a sidewalk or a driveway, they are thin and was built by stone blocks. Children like to walk on them without falling off. They can always walk for 20 to 30 meters with balance. But let us imagine, what if there is a blog with the same length and width between two high buildings and there is no wind, I think most people will fall. So, here is the question: they have the same length and width, all on the same planet with the same gravity, so the only difference is: when we are on the side blocks, we are thinking about we can be balanced and walk, but on the high building, we are thinking not to fall, so all the pictures in our minds are the falling theme. This theory is like when someone tells you not to think about dogs, the first thing comes to mind is dogs.

  The worries can lead to qualitative changes. Also, we must not worry a lot because worrying cannot solve the problem. The best option I to face the problem, have a positive attitude. So as a student, I am trying to improve by thinking get a 90 above average instead of not to fail the subject.

         So how can we have a positive attitude? Everything has 2 sides, for example—A woman sells salt and umbrella when it is not raining, she thinks she can’t make money from the umbrella, but when it’s raining she thinks the salt gets wet and she is always upset. Or seeing the glass of water half empty or half full is also looking at the same event with different angles and attitude. We must be confident and believe in our selves.

This is the first step to success!