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World War 1 was nothinglike previous wars. This war was something that the U.S was not prepared for,even though at the time, they were the most industrialized country. This newwar brought an increase in technology, along with an increase in men willing tofight. Propaganda agencies formed, such as the Creel Committee, to almost’sell’ the idea of war to Americans. Although some people were skeptic, anew-found sense of nationalism swept through the country.           During industrialization, the U.

S opened the boarders andencouraged people to come to the country to work in their factories. This wasgreat because businesses were thriving and immigrants were able to find a newsense of home in America. However, when the U.S declared war, many citizensbegan to panic because of their family members would maybe soon be in danger.Because of this, Wilson assured all American citizens that no matter where theycame from, no matter where your family is, if you are in the United States, youare an American and that all American’s need to come together and support ourcountry and our troops.                    When it came to supporting U.S troops, Wilson encouragedAmericans to ration their food, and to not purchase or eat anything that couldbe sent over to those fighting.

Besides increasing taxes, another thing thathelped was war bonds. With war bonds, Americans could purchase them, and themoney goes toward paying for the war, and once the war is over they receivetheir money and interest it may have collected.          One big thing that sprang from war was the 19thamendment.

This amendment of course, gave women the right to vote. Key leadersbehind the women’s suffrage movement urged Wilson to show is support, for thewar needed the support of women. Silent protest outside of the white housebegan, and other radical protest started as well. Women were eventually jailedfor “disturbing the peace”. Once in jail, these women faced terrible and harshconditions.

Eventually, however, the women were released and Wilson got behindand support their movement. Because of this, women finally could vote and tookit upon themselves to help the troops in any way they could.            Wilson’s plan of war, his 14 Point speech, is what willdefine World War 1.

In his speech, he lays out reasons as to what the UnitedStates hopes to accomplish in the war. He says things such as, no more secrettreaties, freedom of the seas, free trade, arms reduction, a formation of theLeague of Nations, and a lot of self-determination reasons. The speech shakesthe nation and really lets them know that this war is something serious.           Once the United States declared war, they became allies withBritain, France, and Russia. The U.

S had fought many wars in the past, but tosay they were unprepared would be an understatement. Upon the first six toeight months of war, they lost 113,000 men to combat and disease. In the novel,All Quiet On The Western Front, the central idea is that war hurts innocentpeople, and kills so many in the process. The novel tells the story from theGerman point of view, so it really puts war into a new perspective.

          World War 1, in some ways, shaped the United States. It wastheir first taste of a real war and opened Americans eyes in many ways. The warbrought us a sense of comradeship and patriotism. World War 1 showed Americanssorrow and loss, and what it really means to be an American. Because of thiswar, American Citizens for generations to come will understand that it is theland of the free, because of the brave.