WORKING MANPOWER Piece rate system is the used by

WORKING PROCEDUREMrs. Prabha sees to thateveryone working in this enterprise is satisfied. There will be huge demandduring the month of May and June. Based on the estimated demand, the number ofpeople required to make the bags within the time is selected. Model of the bagis designed by Mrs.

Prabha and incase if the order is from school, the schoolmanagement issues the model. The rest of the work like cutting the leather intorequired size, stitching the leather to form the given model and finallyinserting Zips are done by the Craftsman. Once the leather has beentanned it is hand-rolled using a heavy rolling pin, which gives the leather ashining smoothness that helps give the leather its distinctive vintage feel.The leather is the ready to be hand-cut into each section of the bag using avariety of metal templates. The canvas lining is the glued on to keep it flatagainst the leather and it is double stitched together. This allows zip pocketsto be added. Now each section is ready to be double stitched together. This iscarried by Sewing Machines.

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Once the general structure of the bag has beenformed the straps, buckles and handles are then strongly stitched on. The bagis now given a final check by the craftsman to make sure it is perfect. Theprocess is now complete and the school or travel bag will be shifted to theenterprise through mini-lorry. In case of order from schools, the bags will besent from the enterprise to school and no extra charge is being charged forthis purpose.                                                                                                       MANAGING MANPOWERPiecerate system is the used by Mrs. Prabha to draw themaximum productiveness of her laborers. It motivates the laborers to producemore number of bags and also avoid unequal distribution of wages. CUSTOMERSApart from single localcustomers, they also receive bulk orders from schools in and around Puducherry.

Some of them are mentioned below:Ø  PetitSeminar Higher Secondary School, Puducherry.Ø  AlphaInternational CBSC School, Bahour, Puducherry.Ø  St.Joseph English School, Thanampalayam, Puducherry.Ø  KrishnaswamyMatriculation Higher Secondary School of Excellance, Cuddalore.

Ø  MuthuraiyarHigher Secondary School, Kadhirakamam, Puducherry.Ø  Annairani Convent, Katerikuppam, Puducherry.Ø  SreeSaraswathy English High School, Muthuraiyarpalayam, Puducherry. DIFFERENTIATING FACTOR FROMOTHER BAG SHOPS:Though there are many shopsin this segment of the city, the main feature in this shop that makes differentfrom the others in the crowd is that she gives a lot of importance to hercustomers. She directly meets the customers while selling the goods and while receivingorders.

She comes to know about the expectations of her customers on bags andtries to satisfy it. This is the main reason for the success in thebusiness.  MARKETINGThe Quality and reasonablePrice of the commodity is used as a major marketing tool by the enterprise. MDEnterprises does not have any separate marketing team.

Mrs. Prabha believesthat no advertisement and publicity strategies will have a strong effect thanthe customer’s word of mouth publicity. She always tries to have a good rapportwith her customers. They promote their products through social medias like facebook, whatsapp and twitter. So that not much cost is spent in marketing which tocertain extend reduces the price of their product.

   PROBLEMS FACEDAn entrepreneur usuallyfaces undertakes risks moreover, Mrs. Prabha being a women entrepreneur facedmany issues.There was no proper guidancefor her in this field. She, herself has to learn about managing and puttingthings in order. Every decision solely depended on her.

She, herself went to see thefinest quality raw materials from other state. She used to roam alone atdifferent places in Chennai in search of good quality material at a cheaperrate.While shiftingraw-materials, there was no consistent vehicle used by her. Every time she hasto search for some reliable one to carry her materials to the craftsmen place.And also that each of them were located at different locations, carriage foreach one is to been seen to by her.COMPETITIORSMrs. Prabha sees to that sheproduces best quality goods at a reasonable price comparatively lesser than hercompetitors.

Some of the competitors of her in the bag business are KKMAgencies, VIP world, Ever shine Bags and Crescent Bag shop  IMPACT OF GST Some schools gets bag from MD Enterprises andsells it to their students, but they doesn’t accept a cost which includes GST,this adds cost burden to this enterprise.FUTURE PLANSMrs. Prabha aims at buyingmachineries of her own and employee people in a well established building by2025. She has an idea of e-marketing her products through She also plans ofstarting new branches in Tamil Nadu in near future.SUGGESTIONSØ  Buyown vehicle to transport the raw material and to bring back the finished goods.Ø  Theymay go for tie up with some colleges and institutionsØ  Theymay have good relationship with big companies which may result in big ordersØ  Theycan also produce gunny bags and bags which will be used functionsØ  Withthe waste they can try making pouchesØ  Displayof all the goods in a well established building.MY LEARNINGS FROM THE STUDYv  Givingup is never an optionMrs.

Prabha did not settlefor the job, she aimed at quenching her thirst for passion. Even though she wasfrom a very conservative background, her passion towards her carrier was muchstronger. Unlike most of the women, she did not give up on her dreams aftermarriage.v  Openyour eyes for new opportunities”Opportunity doesn’t knowonce door”, it’s the way how people create opportunity. It was all started as avery small bag manufacturing business; it was not that many customersapproached her to give orders, but instead Mrs.

Prabha approached many schoolsfor getting orders and created way for spreading her business.v  Importanceto customers:Itis also observed that a entrepreneur needs to understand the expectation on theproduct from the customer’s standpoint and incorporate it into the productconceived by the company.CONCLUSIONIn the modern world, not allindividual can be employed, they are expected to seek out their own opportunities.Being an entrepreneur requires responsibility for decision making, becoming selfreliant, dynamic and holding moral values and also to initiate ideas and make themreality through actions.