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Womenhave always taken a subordinate role to men in American society. There is oneset of standards that apply to men and another set that apply to women. In themodern workplace, men don’t trust women to get the job done and women don’ttrust men. It is expected the young girls and women stay back and stick to thehousework and doing delicate jobs. The stereotype is that women always putstheir family and kids before the job. Women are thought to always chose to quitdue to childcare issues that becomes overwhelming to handle.

According toHarris (2014), women are emotional and not analytical and make work decisionsbased off feelings rather than facts. Women are regarded at a lower level thanmen, and it truly surprises people when women are capable of doing a man’s jobbut with an inferior salary. Harris states, male managers interpret a lowersalary for women to exhibit weakness as an indicator that she is will not becommitted to the job for the long-run (2014).             Today’s workforce was created and designed for men. Male dominance in the workplacealienates talented women within the workplace. Some of the challenges thatwomen face in a male-dominated workforce is that they usually go unheard,ignored or interrupted when speaking. For women to progress in the workplace,they have to succeed over the men and prove they are “tough enough” for the job (Stocking, 2016).  Globally, women are overrepresented inclerical, service, and professional occupations.

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Meanwhile, men areoverrepresented in crafts, trades, machine operators, and assemblers. Accordingto Catalyst (2017), in the United States only 6.3 percent of women work inmale-dominated fields. Although male-dominated fields pay more than femaledominated fields, women are paid significantly less than men in everymale-dominated occupation (Women in male-dominated industries and occupations, 2017).