Women one. Hence, there is a need to sensitize

face lot discrimination from the earliest stages of childhood, of the life till
adulthood. Her pitiable status is reflected in the denial of basic rights. Exclusion
of female workforces from the labor market or from the managerial positions is
a serious matter of concern. It is an acute problem. So every individual need
to realize about why there is a Gender inequality or a Gender Gap in workplace?
Gender equality matters are not always seen as being everybody’s duty
and centre of attention, but are often considered as a separate area of responsibility.
It is essential to mainstream gender equality thinking throughout the company
and in all its activities. Besides, gender mainstreaming in the organisation
also calls for particular skills and it is excellent to have somebody who can
work to guide and make possible mainstreaming. This calls for the appointment
of a gender equality expert, or even a specialist group, within the
organisation. At the same time all the employers of the organisation must
promote gender equality in and through their own work. The managers of the
organisation play a vital role in making the gender equality a priority. They
must exhibit in their own actions and behaviour that encouraging gender
equality is a matter of actions, not just words. The climate of the organization
as well as organizational behavior of employers as well as employees needs to
be changed from stereotyped to a more open and gender fair one. Hence, there is
a need to sensitize the whole system in order to eradicate this gender biased
culture. Without a clear understanding of, or
commitment to, the importance of gender equality to all aspects of development
and governance, gender equality may easily evaporate from organizations’ policy
and practice. It is therefore, essential for the manager to support measures
and allow for full integration of gender equality and women’s empowerment in
the organization development process as women are the future pivot of
the family as well as the society and the nation. An organization, society or country,
without the involvement of the female cannot prosper. Gender discrimination, if
eradicated can deliver all the potentials, skills, knowledge to develop the
company, the nation and the universe. This can be done through gender fair