Without wanted to familiarize myself with new cultures and

Without a doubt, learning theEnglish and Russian language has prepared me to work in the competitivebusiness environment along with developing a holistic persona socially andculturally. As the world is turning into a global village, by learning newlanguages, I have sharpened my communication skills and updated my knowledge inscience and technology, businesses, cultures, etc..

 English and Russian both werea part of the school curriculum. My education starting from kindergarten toUniversity has been in English. I started learning Russian in school in 6thgrade but carrying forward Russian and immersing in it completely was a wellthought decision as I wanted to familiarize myself with new cultures anddevelop a global mindset. Since then, there was no looking back, and mylearning has been an incredible experience, with incredible benefits. Thislearning process has been one of the most satisfying because I used itpractically during my exchange programs for day-to-day activities.Understanding a block of text has enhanced my cognitive and perceptiveknowledge of cultures and people.  My ability to interactglobally has made me realise that I can interact directly with the producersand fulfill needs to bring an existing solution into my local market. A newlanguage has melted the geographical walls and encouraged me to turn into a globalentrepreneur.

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 For learning anew language, I immersed myself into the foreign culture. I concentrated ontheir speech and became a patient listener and an empathiser. I have learned toview things from the viewpoint of people from different perceptions, knowledge andcultures.

Understanding the cultural and social aspects of my internationalfriends, how they think, and what are their views on any particular societal orsocial problem has broadened my thinking. Further, I appreciate the importanceof building a good network and leveraging it. My language skills have increasedthe number of people I can communicate with around the world.  While learning a newlanguage, I have consistently made small, conscious decisions about whichvocabulary to use, how to structure the grammar, and what accent to speak in.This is partly the reason for the improvement of my decision-making skills, which is an essential quality needed inbusiness.

I can add learning a language to the list of possible solutions tohone one’s decision making skills, as they clearly are a very crucial qualityany corporate or global leader should have. Geoffrey Willans very aptly said, “You can never understand one language untilyou understand at least two”. In the same vein, learning Russian has strengthened my knowledge of Hindi and English. Theintricacies involved in the grammar of Russian language honed my understanding ofthe languages I already knew and gave me better insight as to the technicalaspects of any language. Perhaps the best thing about learning Russian has beenthat it has helped me to learn more about myself. Adapting a new language andculture has enhanced my knowledge and appreciation of my origins andupbringing.