With to monitor and improve an organisation’s security system

With the advancementof technology throughout the years, cyberattacks are becoming more complex andmuch more difficult to detect and alleviate. Alternatively, security technologyand security assessment methodologies are also improving rapidly to restraint theseattacks. Keep your company safeby setting up a Security Operations Centre (SOC) to prevent potential threatsand the leakage of private and confidential information.

A SOC, such as APFManagement, serves as an organised and accomplished team to monitor and improvean organisation’s security system through preventing, detecting, analyzing andresponding to cyber security incidents with technological support and explicitprocedures.Keeping what’s important in mindThe fundamental stepto setting up a SOC is to have a clear mind of whatever that is of importanceto you and your organisation. As prevention is better than cure, always detectand protect important information and assets. Brainstorming likely scenariosand possible risks is another solution to ensure a prompt counteraction whenattacks actually happened. 1.      What isyour organisation trying to prevent against?2.

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      What arethe important data and information that could be the target of getting stolen?3.      Whatdevices should be safeguarded?4.      What are yourrisky assets?5.      Is yoursecurity system up-to-date with the latest technology? Understanding the SIEMThe SecurityInformation and Event Management system (SIEM) is one of the key elements ofSOC. It is an automated system which gathers data about used devices within thecompany and analyses activities from login attempts to data transfers. It alsodetects and highlights suspicious activities and possible threats for immediatesolutions. After identifying thethreat, professionals running the SOC will come into the light by coming upwith the best solution or in-depth investigations to the solve the problem. Leaving it to the expertsBe free from allworries by outsourcing a SOC to handle cybersecurity responsibilities, such astaking charge of constant monitoring, providing professional advice andupdating you and your company with the latest development of identified threatsand preventions done.

Ø  Benefits of an outsourced SOC·        Saves time and moneyThird party SOCs will monitor yourbusiness on a 24-hour basis. Save up internal resources and training costs.·        Knowledge is Power Experts have all the knowledge,experience and competency needed.·        Ready and consummate technologyProfessional SOC teams have all the technologyand tools in place for all needs.