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Withthe successful of Airbnb – a social marketplace that allows users to book room,bed or even the whole apartment in any place around the world or Airtasker –the application to outsource office task or house cleaning. Crowdsourcing hasstrongly promoted fundamental changes in business models and in businesssystems. Someexperts have speculated that crowdsourcing will be the future of marketing,advertising and design. However, others said that crowdsourcing would collapsethe organization by creating downward pressure on prices. So, let’s look at thepros and cons of crowdsourcing. Pros: ·      Cost effective It’salways lower price than hiring a full time professional.

Crowdsourcing createshuge advantage for company and individuals who looking for freelance job. You payjust for the talent you need for your project. There is always huge number ofpeople who are available and willing to do the job. It’s likely that thecompany can get the tasks done more quickly.

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 ·      Endless creative ideas and talented workers Crowdsourcingallows individuals to promote and sell their unique skills while allowsorganization to freely choose between various of resources. It means a lot ofnew and creative ideas which may benefit the organization and even helporganization to reach international talents, remove the barrier ofqualification, geographic and socioeconomic status.  ·      Good opportunity for freelance Freelanceworkers have the opportunity to train their creativity, engage in the thingsthey enjoy doing and above all to be noticed. They can build up excellentportfolio by their past works and it increases the possibility of getting afull-time job with stable salary. Organizations may also discover the talentfor their own.   Cons: ·      Quality control Whenpeople can engage easily in online platform, safety, trust and quality controlare quite challenging. The organizations hardly ensure whether the freelanceworker complete the task or meet the deadline as they require.

Moreover, whenthe workers do not fully engage with the company, the responsibility can bereduced as well as the quality of the task. ·      Originality  Dueto anonymity, it is very difficult to verify the originality of the work. As the freelance workers always ready to perform massproduction, there is tendency that they will skip the creative thinking part. ·      Lack of consistency  Whenthe organization hires a lot of people to do the job, it could lead to the lackof consistency, even though they all have very good skills. Due to workdistance, it is very difficult to micromanage one by one to ensure theconsistency of the tasks.