With Brazleton, MD, 2016). The article mentions federal programs

With many advances and developments in the health field,  society today is still faced with the disparities of children growing up and living in poverty. In economic Medicine for Lifelong Health, by T. Berry Brazelton emphasize the life-long effects of poverty on children and as they grow into adulthood. There are lifetime repurications with babies and living in poverty such as health which includes mental health, future success in their life, and the continuing cycle of raising their own children in a poor environment.  Dr. Brazleton proposes solution is promoting economic mobility as soon as birth (T.

Berry Brazleton, MD, 2016). The article mentions federal programs that help in reducing child poverty, but those programs are not enough. Dr.Brazelton  also explains how better health for children will lead to healthy economics, productive society, and the children realizing their full potential (T. Berry Brazelton,MD,2016).In module 2 Health and Behavior the big picture it discusses the different factors of health and how social determinant effects health. “Poverty, social exclusion, poor housing, and poor health systems are among the main social causes of ill health”(WHO Fact File).   The article I chose was concerned with the health of children who are in poverty and have no access to healthcare because of socio and economical background.

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We must take action to improve and preserve the health of children around the country.  In Dr. Brazelton article he plans on taking action to promote and preserve the health of children.The social determinant of health have many impacts on early child development and has a serious impact on one’s health outcomes. “Exposure to in early childhood materially impacts brain development (US News: Early Childhood Poverty Damages Brain Development 2015).  In Economic Medicine, for Lifelong Health many health effects discussed the chance of obesity amongst those with less access to healthcare.  “U.

S. data shows that several states for the expectation of Colorado, and District of Columbia, 20% of the population were deemed obese”  (Edberg, Ph.D.,).  Obesity doesn’t solely affects an individual health but also affects that individuals social behavior, which leads back to the social-ecological model being affected by this social behavior.

Dr. Brazelton emphasized and expressed his concern with childhood poverty,  A social and community health issue that we deal with world wide in many different countries.  With people in society taking  global action to promoting and preserving children health the socio and economical effects of poverty will be reduced and in the future vanish. Poverty affects a child brain development which affects their education.