Why tract infection. Urinalysis is ordered by doctors for

Why do doctors test urine?Urinalysis is number of test done on your urine. A urine sample is collected from the patient in a specimen cup, which is then sent to a laboratory, for a accurate diagnoses. The strip changes color in the presence of sugar, protein, nitrite, leukocytes,and etc..

. Doctors test urine to diagnose certain diseases. For example a urine test strip can test to see if you have  diabetes or a urinary tract infection.

Urinalysis is ordered by doctors for a number of reasons, such as pregnancy testing, monitoring disease progression, diagnosing medical condition, assessing particular symptoms, and routine medical evaluation.What is the difference between Type I and II diabetes?In type one diabetes the body does not produces enough insulin to regulate blood glucose levels, and therefore the symptoms of diabetes begin to appear. Many of the body’s cells cannot take glucose from the blood.

Type two diabetes is when the body does not respond to insulin. This leads to sugar build up in the blood.Is glucose present in normal urine?Normal urine contains no glucose.

When looking back at the data from the normal urine, glucose tested negative. Kidneys reabsorb all of the filtered glucose into the bloodstream. Glucose can be present in urine when the kidneys are damaged or diseased.What is insulin and what is its function in glucose metabolism?Insulin is involved in the regulation of blood glucose levels. It’s a hormone made by the pancreas. Insulin helps keeps your blood sugar level normal.

As well as play a number of roles in the body’s metabolism. depending on the target tissue the effects of insulin on glucose metabolism differ. Elevated concentrations of glucose stimulate a release of insulin, this goes on until homeostasis is reached, once homeostasis is released the pancreas stops releasing the hormone; this is an example of a negative feedback system.Why can urine analysis be useful for diagnosis of kidney and urinary tract diseases?A urinalysis is a common test that’s done for several reasons, such as to check your overall health, To monitor a medical condition, and to diagnose a medical condition. Urinalysis can help to detect any diseases to the kidney, such as diabetes. This is done so the patent can get diagnose, and be properly treated; main purposes of diagnosis is to guide treatment planning. What other medical conditions could be the result of the other patient’s urine tests?Patient X has protein in their urine. This is linked to is a sign of kidney disease.

Patient X may be suffering from proteinuria; the presence of protein in the urine, indicate damage to the kidney. In patient 1 there seems to be to high sugar levels, leading to the possible risk of Hyperglycemia or Diabetes. Patient 2 can possibly shows to have a urinary tract infection (UTI). Patient 3 and 4 shows to have elevated protein levels with the high glucose,indicating a kidney disease.

Based on the data from patient 5, there is a sign of kidney diseases due to the trace of protein. A trace of Leukocytes means there is  a signs of infection.