Why is a college education so important? There are

Why is a college education so important? There are many reasons but for this essay, I have chosen five I believe are the most prominent. While getting a college education you may: make more money, receive more job opportunities through networking, for many people its a transitional time where they gain independence, and you can have the chance to learn and grow into adulthood.  Getting a college education may be expensive but there are more pros than there are cons.What do most people consider when choosing a job? The first thing that many people would say is money. Without an education you have much less opportunity to have a career which has higher financial possibilities. On average people who graduate from college make more money than those who only have a high school diploma. Many jobs require at least some college experience, this even includes some menial jobs. One of the reasons you make more money is having thirty to sixty college hours allows a person to have the skills necessary for a higher position rather than a peon position.

If you try to think from the perspective of a recruiter what would you look for in a candidate? College experience gives you many tools other than knowledge that you can use in the workforce to be successful. You will learn how to effectively manage your time, how to balance a workload and personal life and how to effectively network yourself. All these skills can be used in the workforce to further your financial success in life. The second aspect of college that I find to be pivotal to your success is the opportunities for networking. Networking is essential to providing more job opportunities and it can also bring important people into your life. Throughout your college career you will receive opportunities and valuable resources. Later in your college years you will have the possibility to attend job fairs and meet people that will help you transition into the workforce. Some of the other students you meet could end up being colleagues in your career.

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Others may help you through their own networks of business and personal acquaintances. This can increase the likelihood that you will have much more opportunity in your career. Outside of career opportunities you will also have the chance to meet people who will become lifelong friends and relationships. Personally I know many people who have met their spouses during their college years. I have also met many friends who have helped me in all aspects of life. While you find more assets during your college experience you will increase your chance to hit the ground running when you graduate.

When I think of the benefits of a college education one topic that stands out is the chance for mentorship. A mentorship is a chance for a connection to someone who can greatly benefit your educational opportunities. Having a mentor while in college can be very important to your success as a student. Having a mentor will give you insight to your career choice from someone who has experience and has built a network of associates that could assist your journey through life. Having a mentor will help you further your education by giving you the opportunity for potential scholarships, assistance with applications, and even could assist with Graduate School applications.

Having an experienced role model can facilitate the development of essential skills that will help you navigate the transition from college to your career. Later in your college years you could also begin to mentor other students as well. Helping others achieve their potential can greatly help you with leadership skills and personal growth. By participating in a mentorship and being a mentor you can create a cycle that will foster success for others and you can leave your legacy on future generations.As you can see the importance of a college education consists of a perfect balance of knowledge and other outside opportunities.

I believe personal success can be fostered with the skills you will acquire during college. The importance of college is much more than anyone can put onto a few pages. There are many opportunities and experiences during college that will last a lifetime that are invaluable.