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“Who run the world? Girls!” as what Beyonce has said in her song “Who run the world”. Queen Kaahumanu was one of the three greatest monarchs of the two kingdoms of Hawaii. The story of how she became one is of the greatest stories of all time. Before she was ever considered a royal she was born on Maui, Hawaii in Hana on March 17, 1768.

As an infant she was almost drowned in water because she had fell off a canoe while she was wrapped in a blanket. After that her parents had predicted that she would one day become queen (“The Fascinating” 2). Growing up she met Kamehameha for the first time at 7 years old and got married 10 years later. Since she was married she and Kamehameha ruled the kingdom together as queen and king. As they ruled they also went through some bumps in the road but still managed to work together. Soon later, after her husband died her son Liholiho succeeded his father and became King Kamehameha II.

King Kamehameha II titled Queen Kaahumanu as kuhina nui or prime minister during his rule (The Editors).  When Kaahumanu was young she liked many things and was a very “sprightly and beautiful (“The Fascinating” 1)”. Her parents were  Keeaumoku (father) and Namahana (mother).

Her father was a Big Island alii or a hereditary line of rulers, until he became a fugitive and fled to the island of Maui (“Queen” 2). Like everyone else in the world she had likes and dislikes. Kamehameha did things such as paddle in canoes, swim and surf, fly kites, board games, especially checkers, and once beat 20 men on a ship (“The Fascinating” 1). As she grew up she had met Kamehameha for the first time at 7 years old, and have been with each other ever since then. Kamehameha was destined to be Hawaii’s greatest king and unifier of the Hawaiian islands. His destiny did come true with the help of Kaahumanu (“Queen” 2). They got married after a few years, which is why she helped Kamehameha rule the Kingdom.

Queen Kaahumanu is well known of being King Kamehameha’s first and “favorite wife”. Their marriage was far from normal. It was a very tempestuous,a wild marriage.

It was tempestuous because of how unfaithful he was. He had married 21 other wives and she was known for more than just King Kamehameha’s “favorite wife” at the time. She gave Kamehameha a power and influence. She knew his strongest allies and made the kingdom strong. The queen was the source of all the kingdoms problems.

Queen Kaahumanu was capricious ruler and gave influence of her people towards Christianity and education. They were both unloyal to each other and did no respect or treat each other the right way. Eventually Kamehameha did leave her for one of the 21 wives he had acquired. After he left her she did think of suicide, drowning herself specifically, but she didn’t do it. They say that she came across a small boy that was thinking of doing the same idea as her, but she saved him and continued on with her life and has done great things in her living (“The Fascinating” 2). After a while King Kamehameha passed on May 8th,1819 (“Queen” 2). When the king passed their son Liholiho succeeded him and became King Kamehameha II. When he became King he made his mother, Kaahumanu, the first prime minister and ruled as an equal with Liholiho (“Kaahumanu”).

She had mainly ruled to help get rid of the taboo on women and helped influence Christianity and education amongst her people. As she ruled she has accomplished many things. She took the christian name of  Elizabeth and baptized on December 4,1825 (Fullard-Leo 4).

She then asked her subjects to read the bible to spread Christianity. The Hawaiian society was again ruled by the laws of a christian god. Kaahumanu continued to strengthen the land as a regent until she died on June 5, 1832 due to an illness (Fullard-Leo 4). The life of Queen Kaahumanu wasn’t an easy life.

She had to go through troubles such as a tough marriage with King Kamehameha and even suicide. When her son became king things had gone upward for her throughout her rule. She had got to become regent and got to rule the land under christianity and got rid of the taboos towards woman on the island of Hawaii. Queen Kaahumanu truly did “run the world” in her years of living.