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Who is Marta Veludo? When did she impact our society with such great designs? Why did I pick her as an influential designer?  Marta Veludo is known as a Graphic Designer also she does more than that such as Art Direction, Brand Communication, Visual Identity Systems, Set Design, Printed Materials, and Illustration. Marta Veludo was born in Lisbon still unknown to the internet when was her date of birth. As I did my research searching the web trying to find as much information about such a great female Graphic Designer, Marta Veludo I didn’t give up. Any young soon to be an artist will love Marta’s style of design and how she views thing to input her own “Tutti Frutti” style into it.

Veludo is a very talented, creative, and different but unique person. I have chosen to pick her because she likes different and that’s what I love about a Graphic Designer. Never try to be or do like someone else picks your own style and become known for it. When choosing someone for a research I always love to pick women. Women are very hardworking, Men are too but a female is very underestimated at what they do.  Marta Veludo has lived in Augsburg, Germany, and Barcelona.

She has studied in Barcelona for three years before calling Amsterdam her home. Veludo says this will not be her last time to move. “Amsterdam is an inspiring, relaxed city that balances and organizes my crazy way of work,” Veludo says, before adding, “I hope this won’t be my last stop.” To better know Marta her work mainly inspired by Tumblr and pop culture. Her style is more based on pastels which are very unique. Everyone goes for bright color to attract more people to their artwork unlike Veludo. Her style speaks to teens because of how different it is and not worrying about anybody’s else ideas.

With her Multimedia ideas, Marta never gave up  “In the end,” Veludo says, “I realized that being multidisciplinary is not an evil thing. If you find your own process, it’s a statement. Now everything has changed and I’m comfortable in my own skin. My work jumps through different media, but with my personal touch.

That’s what I’m hired for now.”. Many people began to love her ideas and how fresh it is. Even though Marta was born outside of the United States she has done big things for companies known in the US such as Adidas, Reebok, and Lego.

She didn’t stop there she also has completed work for Rituals, VPRO, Vice, Restored, Current Obsession, Krizia Robustella, Fine Flavour Chocolate, ArtWalk Mexico, The Bookstore  Foundation, Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival, Heineken, and Remy Martin. You can tell she puts her all into her work because it shows with anything she does.  In my opinion, Marta’s work inspires many of the 2000’s with such great designs. She is a young talented woman and keeps striving to do better.