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While it’s true thatsubliminal stimuli are effective when it comes to priming one’s senses, theyare not capable of the complete brain control like many proponents fear. Thebrain cannot be controlled! That’s the ugly truth “They” have discovered a longtime ago.To say that the brain is an amazing organ youwould be underestimating it. Chocolate cake is amazing. Massage after a longweek is amazing. Your brain however, there is not a word that describes theelegance in such complexity, the control in that much chaos, the fact that it’smaking me write so many beautiful words about itself. The brain is somethingbeyond our understanding because it’s the thing we understand with.

How the media can alter the opinions ofthe youth is by the content they dish out, be it the Pepsi commercials orcampaigns, a new fashion trend, even mainstream news, the movies that are beingmade have undertones which stay in the minds of the consumers, and unconsciouslywithout them knowing, they are programmed into either creating an opinion aboutsomething totally irrelevant or they change their opinion, one example of thisprocess is the movie “Taare Zameen Par” before this movie was released, therewas no concept of understanding they struggling student’s side of the story Insouth Asia, but after the people watched the movie their behavior and opinionsdrastically changed about the problem.  Stress andDepression amongst the youngstersIn a world where film has becomeprobably the greatest expressive medium, movies have become an essential partof life, the youth is attracted to the movies flashier films like the Avengers,these movies are the behemoths of the pop culture industry, people of every agegroup have come to enjoy them, but these films are targeted towards the youngeraudiences.These movies feature tall shredded guysand beautiful females, the industry’s perception of what a perfect human shouldbe like, and the these movies are shown to youngsters who then try to imitatewhat they see on the screen, even though they might not completely follow theirfavorite superhero, but there is a high chance that they will at least try tolook like them which means they go to the gym and by any means they’d try tobecome as ripped as let’s say Thor or Hulk, and when this hunger to become yourfavorite movie character is not fulfilled then these young individuals becomedepressed, same goes for the you women, the industry is building false idealsabout things which are completely different in real life, take the example ofthe movie 50 Shades Of Grey, in this movie bondage sex is portrayed assomething so beautiful and special that many young girls started thinking thattheir prince would be a master who’d do all the thing that the main characterdoes in the movie, this is a disturbing truth about the media misguiding youngindividuals into expecting things larger than life which at the end leads to disappointmentwhich then creates a depressed individual, this is how Mass Deception iscausing stress and depression to you people. Forceful and vicious conduct Films are a great way to educate yourchildren, but with that being said these movies are making the youngsters more violent,from the recent shoots to the gang fights all of this is ignited by the MassMedia, young minds are empty vessels which are urging to be filled with newinformation, with the Mass Media being so influential people are exposed to violentmovie form a very young age which leads to them picking up of things that theyshouldn’t be picking up on.Everything that children see or hear in themedia early on in their lives affects them in some way.  Positiveparenting role models indicate that in the best interest of our children weshould limit their exposure to violent acts.  Unfortunately, violence isone of the most popular forms of entertainment.  Over sixty percent oftelevision shows being shown in prime time contain some form of violence.

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 There are two very opposite sides of this issue.  The media who market theviolent television, video games and other forms of entertainment argue this issafe entertainment and the others argue that violence promotes violenceCurrent research tends to agree with theproponents who argue that violent media is associated with aggressivebehavior.  Risky behavior by children and young adults can includeviolence against others, lack of remorse for consequences.  The type offaulty thinking creates stressors in children which can lead to the onset ofmany different symptoms.  Children who view media violence are more likelyto have increased feelings of hostility, decreased emotional response to theportrayal of violence and injury that lead to violent behavior throughimitation.

  An example here would be the television show Jack Ass. There have been several accidents related to young men attempting stunts thatare done on the show.  The act of imitating what they have seen on atelevision show causes injury to themselves or others around them.Most of the kids also start watchingwrestling from very young age, when they watch those “Professionals” doing whatthey are “Paid” to do, they also try to imitate that which can lead to violent behaviorin schools or playground.As human beings we are probably nature’s mostgreatest mimicry artists, we can learn to imitate anything, making helicoptersby getting inspired by dragon flies, or creating airplane by observing birds,our young ones who are now the byproduct of us and this 21st centuryMass Media pop culture will try to imitate whatever they see on that box in ourliving room which is a cause of concern.