Whether owners and residents within the country. This will

Whether it isfor adventure, culture or even business there are vast reason which come intoplay when people choose to tour this country. However, the unexplored andunvalued riches the country has to offer are some of the biggest reasons forwhy many tourist become business owners, but as concluded and realised theseopportunities come with many advantages and disadvantages. Therefore thisliteracy review will focus upon some of the reason which drive many to tourAngola and become business owners and residents within the country. This willalso explore some of the effects of business tourism within the country and howthis particular sector could help the country become greater than what it istoday. In other words this literacy review will open doors to the undeniablequestion ‘Business or tourism?’ which explores the true intentions of manytourist within the country.Thissignature project will focus the economical touristic aspect in Angola, Luandaand the difference between tourism in Angola and other countries. The reasonfor these comparison will be to identify the common factor which leads topeople (tourist) to visit these places.

Angola is currently facing rapiddevelopment, it is believed that its touristic features are still minimallyneglected; and after personal exploration of the country, one has concludedthat creating a space which allows tourist to explore the Culture in variousforms can be beneficial for both the country and its citizens by exploringsectors of hospitality, culture and leisure. This project is intended to allowthe experiencer to experience mentally, physically and spiritually theirsurroundings.Today Angolais recovering and trying to obtain its maximum potential in all aspects,although it has lost considerably, it is currently considered One of Africa’smajor oil producers. Rich in itsmineral and natural resources, Angola is in the process of overcoming its darkpast; The Angolan Civil War was a major civil conflict, beginning in 1975 andcontinuing, with some interludes, until 2002. The war initiated the war began onNovember 1975, immediately after Angola became independent from Portugal. However,before the war Angola was an iconic country, its city radiant and rich in itsarchitectural planning, which reflected the versatility in cultures and race.