When the next person. To the artist it is

When I hear the word, “art” I thinkof famous paintings such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Vincent van Gogh’s TheStarry Night, or Grant Wood’s AmericanGothic. I personally define “art” as something created by a person that haspurpose or meaning to them. Something born from an idea or passion they have, andexpressed those thoughts and ideas through writing, painting, etc. We can notreally identify what is art and what is not art.

What one person believes is amasterpiece, may be nothing to the next person.  To the artist it is art, even if no one elsebelieves it to be. Everyone has their own definition of art and it is up tothem to identify for themselves what deserves to be labeled, “art”.                Art,is unfortunately not a large part of my life, but I do enjoy some aspects ofit.

While I do not enjoy painting, or sculpting,d and am not musicallyinclined, I do enjoy reading. Literature is art. As stated in my definition ofart, art has purpose and meaning. Literature almost always comes with a purposeto read it, and a message to convey inside of it’s pages, that the author ofthe book has created.

When it comes to music, as said before, I am not musical.Music is art though, and at times I do enjoy listening go classical music whilestudying, and in my free time, more modern music. Art plays a smaller butsignificant role in my life.                Oneobject that I believe to be “art”, is the Statue of Liberty. I have personallyvisited the statue and has experienced it up close. To me, it has purpose andmeaning, it symbolizes freedom, and democracy around the world. It welcomednewcomers to America, and conveys meanings of friendship, cooperation, andhope.

The history of how this piece of art came to be also has great meaning. Agift to the United States to express an offering of peace and great friendshipbetween the countries of France and the United States.