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Whenpeople think of Africa and Africans they think of hot dry place, poverty, huts,war, famine, etc. Society and the media has created these misconceptions andstereotypes of Africa and Africans. Africa is the second largest continent onthis earth. Africa is a beautiful continent composed of 54 countries, withdifferent types of Africans, culture, food, language, etc. Many people maythink that Africans are just black people who live in huts and are poor people.These are negative images that need to be broken. Being African is much deeperthan the complexion.

 This paper will examinewhat it really means to be African. One can say that being an African is morethan the black skin; it is being strong, unique, and ambitious. BeingAfrican is being a strong individual, being able to do anything in life. Knowingthat the previous generation of Africans had to go through a lot of struggleand pain, African people carry a lot of hope and faith for the future. Africansface many challenges, from human equality to daily life survival problems. On adaily basis, Africans must walk a lot of miles to collect water. They also haveto walk a lot of miles to get to school and have to avoid the dangerous animalslingering around.

Despite some of the terrible conditions, Africans are some ofthe friendliest people one would meet. They appreciate everything they have inlife, whether it is small or big. Africans don’t take things for granted,unlike other people in more developed countries. In addition, sports such assoccer, track, rugby, basketball, and cricket are popular sports that haveproduced some of the most athletic people in the world.

However, there areother things than strength that distinguish Africans.             Being African is also beingunique in many ways. Africans are very unique and diverse people, as one cansee from the different types of languages, food, tradition, etc. African peopleare able to travel to other countries to try the different food and clothes. Africais full of wealth, beauty, landscapes, Africans comes in different types ofshapes and skin tones.

Africa is full of riches such as gold, copper, salt etc.There are many different languages and tribes and many African ethic groups.African art is also unique and takes different form such as the differentancient art, beading, painting, sculptures. African music is different andunique in that involves, drums, singing, dancing to old traditions. Africanclothing is very different and ranges from colorful prints and jewelry tokente. Kente cloth is a different type of cloth used for clothing. What makesAfricans stand out from other types of people is that? Their culture is diverse.Being African is being able to meet other different Africans at events and learnabout their culture, food, music, and embracing their proud heritage and where theyare from.

What makes Africans even more unique is that they stick together andsupport each other no matter what. In addition, Africans are hard workers andambitious people.Africansare very ambitious and big dreamers, they are taught in school to follow theirdreams. Education is very important to Africans, they believe education is thekey to success.

Africans believe in every opportunity to create for themselves,whether it is education or self-identity. Education is highly praised amongAfricans, they celebrate graduations from high school and college veryelaborately. They would throw massive celebrations for the graduates and wouldparty all night celebrating their success. Everyone would bring either gifts,money or blessings. Success is very huge to the African Communities; it shows thatparents and elders have successfully raised the younger generations. Africanscontinue to rise more and more every day, making their people and continentproud.

InConclusion, Africa and Africans are more than the continent seen as sad,misery, poverty, etc. Africa is a beautiful place to go and visit, it will makeone appreciate life so much more. Africans are strong, unique and ambitious people.All things considered, Africans are beautiful people with different cultures,food, traditions, etc. They do not need to be defined by the negative imagesportrayed by society and the media.