When new inmates learn the prison subculture. Inmates develop

When it comes to our society jails and prisons play a huge role in the criminal justice system. The reason why we have these facilities is to help keep the people in community safe from any criminal activities that might have happened. The jail and prison both uphold the rule of law by helping to ensure that alleged offenders are brought to justice. When it comes to jails and prisons the main difference is the time spent. For example, jails are designed to hold inmates awaiting trial or serving a short sentence that is less than a year. Jails are also usually run by local law enforcement or local government agencies. After convicted of crimes with a long-term greater then a year go to prison. Prisons are usually run by a state or federal correctional institution for incarceration of felony offenders.

Prisons and jails function as a subculture because it has its own values, roles, language, and customs. Jails and prisons form a society with traditions, norms, and a leadership structure is an example of culture. Since the prisons are subculture the new inmates must adapt to a new way of life. The new inmates learn the prison subculture. Inmates develop their own myths, slangs, customs, rewards, and sanctions while they are in jail or in prison. There are many types of prison. The five types of prisons are minimum, close security, maximum mercury, and super maximum. These prisons are used for adults but there are also prisons for juveniles, military offenders, and political agitators.

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Minimum serenity is A prison designed and organized to permit inmates and visitors as much freedom as is consistent with the concept of incarceration. This holds “level 1” prisoners because of the least likely to escape and serve a low risk to guards and another inmate. The close security has little to no freedom. Close security is under constant surveillance and has Two inmates to a dorm-style cell. In the Maximum Security, Prisons are Subjected to high levels of surveillance and extremely limited in freedom. In Ohio, maximum security prisons are located in Mansfield and Lucasville. This is also called Holds “level 4” prisoners. The super maximum Holds level 5 prisoners.

This means that they are in cell 23 hours of the day and are complete isolation from other prisoners as well. Examples of this prisons would be Ohio’s Supermax prison is located in Youngstown, build after the Lucasville Rio. Even though the people in prisons are there to serve their time, violence still happens. Violence can occur due to poor prison management, for example, shanks can be made by the plastic silverware if inmates are not being supervised enough.

There are many types of prison violence that include murder, manslaughter, rape, and theft. A murder can happen if an inmate makes a weapon such as a shank. Items can also be stolen from other inmates or even items stolen from the guards. If the inmates are not watched carefully someone can get hurt or even die. The inmates who don’t participate in violence or non-dangerous offenders re more limey eligible for community-based corrections. The role of community-based corrections programs associated with jails and prisons is To assist inmates into their communities.

These Goals of community-based corrections is Facilitating offender reintegration, Fostering offender rehabilitation, Providing an alternative range of offender punishments, and Heightening offender accountability. These Programs are made to fit clients from all age groups, including those with diverse needs and special problems such as addictions. The addiction can be drugs or alcohol. These programs are out there for the inmates so that they are able to get the guides they need in order to function in their daily lives without breaking the law. Probation is the most common form of criminal sentencing in the United States.

Probation is an alternative to corrections. Probation occurs prior to and often instead of jail or prison time, while Parole sentences is a prisoner reentry strategy. Parole is the conditional release that is granted after an offender served time in prison.

When it comes to probation and parole, they are both supervised and expect the inmates to follow certain rules and guidelines.