When like Twitter, Amazon, GM, and bunch of other

When we first started to do the stocks i really did not know what i was going to get.

So i just copied people until i realised that they were not working so i just sold them all and started from the beginning but at that point i was already down like honderd dollar. After that i just picked stocks that people are always using like Twitter, Amazon, GM, and bunch of other stocks that i just put on there to see if they did good and if they did not do good i sold them that’s why when i first started of i was in the negatives. When i first started of i only bought little amount of all of the stocks i got because i did not know how to use this the site and every time that i try to figure out how to find out how much my stock was going up i never found out how to do that. My most successful was amazon because it was never low it was always like ten dollar over what i got it for i was very impress on that stock because i thought that it was really going to drop about thirty dollar but it didn’t, i bought one share because when i try to buy another one it didn’t let me because my teacher couch ketchum blocked it of because he did not want use to spend all of ae money in one stock i was a little bit upset, because i really wanted to buy like ten shares. On twitter i had about twenty shares because it cost a little less and it allowed me to get more than one share, the reason that i didn’t sell it was because it never went down than what i bought it for so i was really exciting when i finally started to cash back up to people and i was not in the negative any more. I also bought facebook that stock did okay it wasn’t as good as the other ones facesbook was like five dollars over what i got it for but it had its ups and down the reason why i did not sell it was because when it was down it was only down like two dollar wish ios not that bad because amazon would make up for that and more and when it was down it was only down for like two day or less.

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One of the other stocks that i bought was wal-mart that stocks was good i don’t know if it was better than facebook because it was down more than facebook but when it was up it was more than facebook it was about ten dollars more that facebook. I would have pick the same stocks that i got but i would have got them from the beginning instead pg what i did and copying other people and having to sell them all because they were all bad and that set me back alot so next time i would research more than what i did because i did not research anything. Purchasing stocks and bounds he’s not the only way to save up for retirement because u can also get a retirement fund from your job and may of other ways.

After we were done with the simulator it made me realised that i need to find out a way that i would invest my money into that would help me and not hurt me like it happened when i first started the simulator and i was really hurting. This is going to impact my future because it made me want to get one so i can start saving for my retirement.