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When I initially stepped the foot into the speech and debate room, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I had no idea that I would make best friends, would find my identity and would develop new comprehension of the world.As far as I can tell, speech and debate is not about winning trophies and gathering scholarly achievements to put on your résumé (in spite of the fact that, there is many that).

 Speech is about preparing world changers. It’s about giving confidence to people who will eventually end up politicians, activists, artists, performers, history makers — people who believe that no matter what, they should battle wildly for equality, and be the leaders of the next generation.My social life in high school began sluggishly. I had joined just a couple of clubs amid my first year and had undetectable influence inside them. I didn’t understand the amount of an effect I could have on my school and group until the point that I joined debates club. Along with discussing debate, our group likewise examined issues inside school and society and their conceivable solutions. The constant intellectual debate on how simple some problems were to solve made me finally decide to try to make a difference.

I joined many clubs relating to my beliefs and ran for student council, where I was elected as vice president.After about 100 rounds debating various social issues on both sides, I have developed a very rigid personal principles upon which I stand. It gave me a desire to learn about current events and what happens in the world and spurred my interest in politics. Only while I was involved with debate I realized the immense decisions the leaders of this country have to make and how crucial these decisions to the country.

 It is obvious, that such hobby encouraged me to look into different points, that way expanding my span of interests. The selections I read in order to own relevant information about the discussed topic also have altered my perception of the nature of ideals. It makes me want to ask why are things done and what are the justifications behind the actions.

Debates have played a very influential role in my life. It has constantly challenged my views, tested my limits, and prodded me harder than any other activity I have ever taken. Debates have also stretched my horizons and imparted me lessons I could never learn in the classroom. This hobby has perhaps played the most crucial role of my intellectual interests throughout my high school career and has shaped much of my life.