When distance from each other while dancing. This has

When we think of rock
‘n’ roll of the 1950’s the first image that comes to our mind is: rebellious
youth gathering on the dance floor and dance their heart out to the noisy,
obnoxious – parent-hating-music; We think of youth sneaking out of the house in
the middle of the night to join the forbidden cult of the music known as rock
‘n’ roll; we think of youth emerging their primal nature to gravitate towards
girls. Youth love rock ‘n’ roll because its fast, lively and controversial.
Exploring 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll we’ll be able to understand the youth, sex and
violence and how it all linked together through rock ‘n’ roll.

Rock ‘n’ Roll
has been the central line label for “sex” throughout the 1950’s. It is because
of the rhythm of the music that creates a new age of dancing and the sexual
content of the lyrics that fluidly revolutionise erotic movements on the dance
floor. Moreover, the dance floor has become the perfect enclosed zone for
tearing down the wall between two people, and exercising their newly found
dance move: spin, twirl, and whirl – and seduce. The music content of 1950’s
Rock ‘n’ Roll was primary revolve around capturing and amplify opposite partner’s
attractions towards yourself. However, there was a time when men and female
would dance within a respectable distance from each other while dancing. This
has been reshaped through the introduction the notorious Elvis Presley’s music
entering orthodox music stream.

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During the
Rock ‘n’ Roll golden era the term ”rock ‘n’ roll” was used as a common slang
for sex. In addition to this, dancing within’ rock ‘n’ roll slowly gaining the
ability to express sexual attractions visually. This has rises parents concerns
for the genre. Parents believe that rock ‘n’ roll provoke juvenile delinquency.
Parents attempts to stop their children. from listening to rock ‘n’ roll due to
it contents and how it affects the children. However, this has tremendously
backfired because this made the youth of the time itching to listen to it even
more. Parents feared that their children will be dressing and behaving like the
musician they’ve been listening to. Parents believe that rock ‘n’ roll has more
bad than good influence on the children and urges radio to ban rock ‘n’ roll
music entirely.


The beginning of rock ‘n’ roll is heavily influenced by black culture
and music of the genre called the blues. Post 50’s white American was listening
to soft music while African American was listening to more upbeat, energic,
lively music calls rhythms and blues. The style of rhythms and blues was so
exceptionally good that it made it ways into music of young white American in
1950’s. Although, Elvis Presley is the staple of rock ‘n’ roll there was a huge
controversy who invented rock ‘n’ roll due to the influence of both black and
white cultures that had shaped the genre. Due to racism the separation between
two culture it was hard for black musician to break through. Successful record
labels began to leave the black artists under the rug and publicise the white
version of the black musician’s song and make it more popular.

Though, rock ‘n’ roll music revolves around sexuality it brought whites
and blacks together. However, the white parents were questioning if the black
men will take advantage of their innocent daughters. In rock ‘n’ roll concert
the blacks and the whites are separated between fences, however this does not
hold the youth apart. Due to rock ‘n’ roll nature to “rock”, the youth would
hop over the fence and emerged both grouped together.

In the 1950’s the blacks are not usually welcomed with opened arms. Racism
was seen throughout rock ‘n’ roll’s timeline. Booked shows should be cancelled since
the singer is black. Parents of the white teenagers are very keen on making
their children doesn’t dance with the black while. The new papers of it times
refer the black as ”coloured” or ”negro”. Racism towards the blacks are an
issue within this era of rock ‘n’ roll.


As crazy
as it sounds, in 1950’s, concerts require audience to be seated and quiet the
authority make sure to reinforce this ever time this juvenile delinquency
behaviour   occur. However, the youth
felt as if they were stripped from their right to have fun and enjoy
themselves, this would result in lash back and the authority must retaliate
with physical force to neutralise their disobedient. Due to havoc that rock ‘n’
roll causes the authority starts banning. rock ‘n’ roll shows all the cities
across the united states of America. Rock ‘n’ roll was deemed the ”devil music’
because it converts innocence youths into lustful, rebellious and violence
creatures. The authority has instructed the people to remove rock ‘n’ roll
playlist from the jukebox and evicting people from rock ‘n’ roll concert.


Adult are
convicted that the music from rock ‘n’ roll is from the devil and its transforming
the teenagers into violence craving monsters. However, they overlooked the fact
that its not the music it’s the parental guidance it self that lead the teenagers
into rebellion. They want to be wild, free and live their teenage life while
the parents are limiting and controlling how they’re living. The urge of ‘breaking
free’ may seem like a rebellious and violence but its just teenagers trying to
have fun. In softer contexts, this translate to kids sneaking out at midnight
to have their limited portion of chocolate.