When cower from chasing your purpose. Pursuing purpose is

When God calls, don’t be afraid to stand in your truth and run towards your destiny.  Just like Mary and myself, you’ve come to the end of your test.

  With no national, global map in hand or Global Positioning System (GPS) clarifying if you’re going in the right direction, God is in complete control.  You’ve come so far to quit!  Now it’s your turn to fulfill your prophecy and adjust your view point so you can continuously move forward and not hit another life changing roadblock.  In this season, God’s hand is resting heavily on your life, motioning you to go straight ahead even if you feel like your life is spiraling out of control because of a physical or emotional setback.

  Take your foot off the break, press the accelerator, release fear and take your rightful place in the kingdom.  As your relationship continues to deepen with God, your new normal is taking precedence over the mountain that once stared you boldly in the face hoping you would cower from chasing your purpose.  Pursuing purpose is difficult to take in when you’re unclear of God’s will but not having a clear perspective makes it even more burdensome.  Isn’t it ironic how the enemy will use a certain bump in the road to overtake you, but our Heavenly Father is so faithful and trustworthy.

  He refuses to let you fall so deep that you’re put to shame and have no way of bouncing back.  God knows your limitations.  He knows how much you can bear and He’s already mapping out your blueprint to make an escape.  Your endurance plays a crucial role in Him allowing you to rewrite history, as you fearlessly, answer your Big Call.  No longer will you give up when a tough trial shows up knocking viciously at your door being uncooperative while forcing itself inside your most treasured space.  When you’re at your wit’s end, fighting back tears of hardship or uncertainity, it’s at this moment you trust God like never before believing He will fulfill every promise.

  When Zacharias doubted the revelation spoken by the angel Gabriel, God used Zacharias’ quietness as an example for all the onlookers to witness firsthand, His glory.  His silence spoke volumes that God was in control.  Isn’t it ironic how God will close your mouth in a strategic effort to keep you from aborting His will for your life?  Not only did Zacharias return home after fulfilling his priestly duties at the temple, but Elizabeth immediately became pregnant with  child (purpose) after years of barreness and public spectulation.  It is not God’s will for you or I to submit to bondage because we lack perspective.  I need for you to understand that when you, as a believer, accept God’s prophecy on contact, you come to a spiritual agreement or exchange that lays out His spiritual blueprint concerning your life.  In other words, you accepted the job, the Big Call by faith.  You yeilded to His resounding, “Yes” as He offered you the job built on pilliars of intent and purpose.  All while blotting out fear and increasing your faith, He’s proven, yet again to the world, that your life has amazing purpose.

   As He dictates every move along the way, You won’t need time to think about the next chapter of your life.  This new beginning-the job offer of a lifetime, is awaiting your answer.  For the first time, in a long time, your perspective is crystal clear. I can see you now, immediately saying, “Yes, God!  I’m take it!”  No more feelings of hopelessness. No more feelings of you being a sellout because you decided to take a risk and do somesomething different.No more feeling like you must tip toe around your truth!  The truth being, you’re ready to make a lasting change.  Instead of feeling like you’re damaged goods or a lost cause for wanting to walk in your truth, just settle your spirit in knowing that God already knows your heart.  He knew this strategic plan, helping you foster a new perspective, is divine so you don’t abort another assignment because fear wants to kick in and God’s truths concerning your life is overridden by shortcomings from your past.

   Can’t you hear God?  He’s whispering to your heart right now!  And if you allow Him, God will engulf you with His holy presence and teach you everything you need to know to actively carry out His will.  Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve felt led like never before to remain in a place of watchfulness as I’ve felt God quiet my spirit as I observed Him perform some major deep cleaning in certain areas of my heart. And I believe, He’s doing performing the same deep cleaning with you.What a different a few years can make, right?  Loss.  Brokenness.  Grief-stricken.  We’ve all been there.

  That dry place that attempted to suck the last piece of breath out of you.  You know.  The place which left you limping and feeling confused.  But as God continues to renew my strength and your strength for the work ahead after all we’ve privately or publicly been through, His perspective will not change in terms of the work He’s laid out for you or me because He’s a constant God.   2 Corinthians 4:18 (Voice) says, “So we do not set our sights on the things we can see with out eyes.  All  of that is fleeting; it will eventually fade away.  Instead, we focus on the things we cannot see, which live on and on.

“Wow!  As believers, I don’t care how much we try to look around the bend to see what’s ahead, God eyesight is much sharper and longseeing than yours or mine.   For He’s sharpening our vision to see in the spirit like never before as He spiritually equips us for the ventures of a life time.   He’s refining our perspective for the year, as He strategically delete, cut away, or give us another opportunity to rewrite scripts pertaining to our lives that was void of purpose.

   This is not the year to focus on things that are fading.  God is not pointless.  He’s strategic in action.  That’s why focusing on things that are meaningless in the eyesight of God is sinful, yet, fleeting.  God seeks a generation of people who understand the power of transformation.

  The more grace God pours out over the earth, the more people begin to witness the tearing and transformative revival that’s happening in the physical realm.   The perspective God wants for you or me to see dewells within our hearts.  This powerful transformation can only take place through true communion and understanding of who God is and the purpose you or I play in living holy all the while resembling the Father here on earth.   I have stories, on top of stories, about me prophecying to hundreds of people in need of what I call a Now Word.  But what’s most important about each one of these spiritual encounters is the mere fact that each recipient is just one step away from his or her breakthrough.  Like me…the people I encounter day-to-day too need to hear the voice of God at the right time.  When they feel most hopeless, defeated by overwhelm or heartbreak—God steps in at the right moment and He uplifts them and meets them right where they are.  Immediately, their perspective changes as I witness a sudden shift in their spirits as they spiritually connect with the revelation communicated by God.

  The perspective God wants for you or me to see dewells within our hearts.  Sometimes life feels like God just dumps a pile of misery upon you, weighing what feels like a ton of bricks, causing bitterness and regret to seep in like a posionous snake bit.  In all honesty, that’s what my spiritual gift felt like at first because I didn’t understand how to control it or how it should control me.  Like Mary (her pregenacy), I wasn’t ready to be transparent to the world, exposing my secret (the gift of prophecy) that many would come to view as contraversial.  What seems like everyone watching my every move, I sought comfort in my streaming tears many nights while curled up in a fetal position in my bed as I thought about what others would think about my gift.

  My misery was heavier than all the sand one could find on the beach causing me to overthink every little thing from social media postings to witnessing in the streets or pulpit because I was consumed with self-doubt.   It literally felt as if life was violently ganging up on me all the while throwing spiteful blows of stress that was mind-boggling and counterproductive.  And without a moments notice, the life I had built was washed away by the violent currents of disobidence and I didn’t see any spiritual potential sprutting up from my new life.   I don’t know about you, but I so tend to feel aweful when God’s prophecies don’t line up suddenly with the problems and trials I am facing alone.  I know that God can do anything, but that waiting period isn’t always fun.  I thought God had given up on my, but He hadn’t.  Being the wonderful Father that He is, He stepped in and looked on me with favor.  Through His wonderful eyes—He saw more in me that I could ever imgine as His daughter.

  As He spirit settles more deeply and gently within me and you, He strengthens us inwardly daily.  The more we invite He in to our lives, the more room He makes to adjust the lens in which we see the world.    As my perspective changed, all the disgrace during those barren years started to bear good fruit as I preached Christ unrelentlessly to the world.  The countless smiles.  The reports of healing.  The postings of houses and financial miracles. Women and a few men showing up to encounter God’s prophetic movement as I toured city-to-city. God turned my long-suffering, a story of disgrace and loss into a story of supernatural grace while pouring out benefits for the world to witness.

  I encourage you to listen for God’s whisper today.  He is full of love!  Test its breadth.  Experience His sweetness.  Rise to the occasion of transformation.  Learn to operate on another level where you escape in Jesus as you live life in the fullness.

  At that very moment, you might ask yourself, “Do you feel bold enough to go wherever God is sending you?”  Perspective.Gradititude.Blessing.Purpose.When God messenger enters your life, don’t turn His messenager away, bearing good news.  That’s God prepping you for spiritual elevation through confirmation.  In Luke 1, you see that Gabriel’s sole purpose was to bear witness to the Father’s good new—irrefutable evidence and undeniable favor. Unlike God having to silence Zacharias because he exhibited a spirit of unbelief, Mary’s disposition towards receiving her good new was different.

  See, God doesn’t waste time on doubters.  Instead, may He silence you as He conditions you to carry out His extraordinary will.  And while you’re silent, He’s working.  He’s planning.  He’s strategizing.  Yes.

  Mary questioned the messenger, but she didn’t discredit the message being unveiled by the messenger of God.  There’s a distinct difference between Zacharias and Mary.  In Mary’s defense, she inquired as to how her pregnancy would come to pass if she had never known of a man (Luke 1:34).  But Zacharias, according to Luke 1:18 (The Voice) exclaimed, “This is hard to believe!”  And with these five simple, yet potent words changed the next few months of Zacharias’ life.Have you ever flat-out denied the move of God even though you undeniably felt His presence?Has God audibly spoken to you?  Did you openly welcome His presence or denied His presence?Have you ever experienced the gift of prophecy through?  Was your experience good or bad?  As believers, it doesn’t surprise God when you desperately search for truth like Mary.

  But it does surprise Him when you attempt to flat out deny the good news being revealed by one of His very own.  Because Zacharias couldn’t conceptualize the good news, prophetically, being spoken by Gabriel, he immediately opened the door to doubt, blocking his perspective, stopping him from verbally communicating in a joyous occasion which he had long prayed for with his wife.  Do not allow Satan to stop your life work because your perspective is blurred by negative thoughts or names you privately think or call yourself.

  When God speaks prophetically, He stands in hope like a proud Father wishing you would quickly catch the revelation.  Often in life, you can become so distracted by the prophecy that you allow fear to quickly speak for you, veering you way off course as you drift at sea watching your baby (purpose) grow from afar.  But just like a kid, placed in time out and told you can’t speak until your time is up, you must watch anxiously from the sideline while everyone else coos and awe as they watch your purpose grow and take form.

  And as you sit idly, watching others like Mary and Elizabeth speak words of life, your silent season is a reminder that God is giving you time to reflect and mature so you don’t compromise terminating your gift. This is your season to birth greatness without selling out or giving up when you allow God to handle all the tedious details.   Trust me.  God will take the least qualified and equip them with natural abilities when He chooses you for an extraordinary role in the kingdom.  I can remember as 2017 was exiting, God spoke to my heart that 2018 would be a year of perspective.  I was overcome with joy knowing that God thought enough of me to speak so openingly about what my future would entail.  Distracted and all, He stopped me in my tracks and assured me that this would be a year of perspective…a year of looking at life with a new attitude and a different set of lense so I would not repeat the same old patterns that caused me so much disruption in the past.  What’s so powerful about perspective is the fact that you and I both, if willing, get to partake in the same promises of God no matter our present situation.

  We both are granted the same message, the same good news, the same love, the same kingdom blueprint.  The only missing key is perspective.    God isn’t a God of comfort!  His job is to redesign you.  You summoned as an innovator has no significance on your personal references or natural abilities.   For example, both Elizabeth and Zacharias suffered infertility (the test), yet, they too were chosen to birth purpose, later in age.   Never doubt that God sees your pain or He hears your prayers.

  The more you worry or question God after He has spoken, the longer you run the risk of delaying your prophecy from being fulfilled.  Did the messenger not sternly call to Zacharias’ mind he and his wife’s prayers for a child in Luke 1:13-14?  I can only imagine the messenger, Gabriel, verbally rebuking Zacharias as he called to his attention in Luke 1:19-20 that he stands directly in the presence of God.  Therefore, clarifying to him that he was commanded by God to reveal this revelation.   God is a heart keeper and a protector– even if you think a dream like birthing a child (purpose) will never manifest.  Believe me, when I tell you, I know it’s difficult to accept a prophecy if you’re blinded by doubt like Zacharias in Luke 1:18.

  As a human, you quickly accept fear as a reasonable explanation.  But God, who is faithful, you question Him with a spirit of unbelief.  Greatness in God’s sight is what He seeks to establish when you fulfill prophecy.  Like John, Elizabeth and Zacharia’s son who brought so much joy to the world as he boldly paved the way for Jesus.

Confidently.Unashamed.Even as I think about all the faces lit with joy as I fulfill my prophecy of foretelling God’s plans or even as I lay hands and watch sick people recover I could only imagine John being filled with the Holy Spirit as he too led so many to Christ.  From the womb, John made an incredible impact.  From the moment he leaped in his mother’s womb upon Mary showing up on Elizabeth’s doorstep, he understood his kingdom purpose—to bring joy to the world.

  And you will too.Turning hearts back to Christ…Paving the way to salvation…Being a forerunner for something much bigger than yourself…That’s part of your prophecy.  That’s part of your transformation.  That’s perspective!