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When we think of New Year, we make few resolutions as per as our interests. With health being in question for the past 50 years, what would be a better way to start the year than with resolutions for a better health and lifestyle! Listed here are some realistic New Year resolutions which could help you achieve a better lifestyle.Keep a check on what you eat – ‘Eat healthily, Stay healthy.’When it comes to what and how we eat, we must keep in mind that not eating anything is just as harmful as overeating.

Dieting doesn’t mean starving yourself but limiting the food intake and having something that is healthy. If you are a victim of obesity, all you need to do is cut down the salt intake, avoid oily, processed food, replace packed sugar with Jaggery, maple syrup or honey and at the most consume lots of fruits and green vegetables.      2. Give your body sufficient sleep and rest – ‘Early to bed, Early to rise.

‘By the end of the day, our body feels worn out and wants some good night sleep. Some people complain of not being able to sleep at night; this may be due to stress – “People who have impaired sleep or insomnia symptoms are significantly more likely to develop clinical depression”, says Dr Britney Blair, a certified clinical psychologist. When we sleep, the stress hormone decreases eliminating the threat of any problem, thus improving our immunity.

Doctors recommend a person to get seven to eight hours of sleep a day for a better health.      3. Don’t be glued to the electronic gadgetsSmartphones and iPhones are presently ruling the charts of the most used electronic devices. Teenagers are most often seen hooked on their mobile phones surfing the internet, watching youtube videos or playing games. This not only affects the eyes but also affects the mental well-being, sleep and body weight. Avoid using such gadgets if you feel you are getting addicted.     4. Face your fears.

Do not shy away.Every one of us has a weakness, a fear we desire to never come across. But when we shy away and brush it off, we are actually paving the way for the fear to turn into a phobia.

Fear is common but a phobia is intense. It is our choice on how we want to lead a life, by running from them or overcoming them by facing it.     5. Add physical activity to your scheduleEvery morning we wake up, we wish we could always stay fixed to the bed. But the fact is, we need to get out and move our muscles. Being physically active not only improves our metabolism but also strengthens our bones and muscles, making us feel light throughout the day.    6.

Quit smoking/ drinking – ‘Smoking kills’Smoking as the world knows is a slow poison which spreads slowly in the body, reducing our life expectancy. It can lead to life-threatening diseases like cancer and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). This is usually associated with complications in diabetes.

Similarly, drinking damages the kidney and is very dangerous if consumed on a regular basis. If you really wish to get rid of the habit, it may seem difficult but never impossible. It’s never too late to try and come out clean.