When Additional functionality required When a software is upgraded,

When computer is used for a long time, it is often more likely to be slower
and less efficient than it was in the beginning. To overcome this problem, an installation
or upgrading is needed. The reason why it needs to update is because the
installation of the software that is already being used could be out of date
which could affect the speed of a computer. The more updated it is, the better
the computer preforms. Sometimes, if a software is too old, it may not be
supported by the creator therefore is has to be upgraded for the software to
work properly. Making too many changes on upgraded software might not be the
best idea because the system might not allow some of the applications as it
will probably have some bugs as well.        

· Additional functionality required

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When a software is
upgraded, features can be added to make it easier for users to use. For
example, in the old 2000 version of Microsoft Word, users were not able to upload
attachments to office 365 straight away. However now on the new update,
attachments can be sent straight from files to one drive.  

· New hardware requiring new or upgraded software; 

Whilst upgrading software, some new software that are
upgraded provide increased performance, meaning that once it is upgraded, the
system will be faster and not have any drawback such as freezing, or running
slowly once opened. For example, by upgrading software like Google Chrome,
users will notice that after the upgrade, its performance will be increased as
the browser has improved by being speedier and even more efficient than it was
before the upgrade.   

· External prompts for software bug fixes

Some users prefer to use the latest update on windows. For example if a user
wants to update the current operating system to a later one, and has old an old
software for a device that is installed onto their PC, the device needs to have
a desktop software so that they are able to manage them on their PC. If the
user wants to use the have an upgraded windows such as the windows 10, it would
require the desktop software to upgrade to their old version to a version that
the is able to work with the windows 10.