What’s as you will soon see, with this machine,

What’s going on in Grandad’sShed?I wondered one day.”Don’t ask me,” Rose’s Nannysaid.               How that place WHIZZES and whirs,fizzes and stirs,”He’s up to something strange, I bet!”      Grandad’s shed was nestled at the back of the garden,covered with leaves, and hidden under brambles.I bet it’s filled with all sorts of toys and gadgets!All over the place, all muddled and scrambled.               Then one day, when we all hadfinished our tea,Grandad winked, and smiled atme.

“I hear you’ve been askingwhat goes on in my shed!  How about youstop wondering, and come see instead?”  So, while Nanny was napping,out we went,To the back of the garden,all the way to Grandad’s shed.”Just what really is inthere?” I said.                  How it POPS and cackles!Whistles and CRACKLES!”It’s something fantastic, I bet!” Just what is in Grandad’sshed?What possibly could it be?Grandad pulled out a shiningsilver key.

He turned the lock, andopened the door.And what I saw, you justwouldn’t believe!              How it BUZZED and groaned!How it bellowed out smoke!Grandad chuckled and explained to me,”What goes on in Grandad’s shed? Why, it’s a time machine!”    “I’ve been working on it formonths on end, right here in my little shed. I’ve been working so hard, Ihaven’t even had time for bed! And let me tell you, my little Rose, as you will soon see,with this machine, we can go wherever we please!”           I was amazed! I was filledwith glee,so much in fact that Grandadand I suddenly began to dance around the machine!       “What adventures we’ll have, the places we’ll see!” Grandad said to me,”Where should we begin, what should our first journey be? We can go to the topof the tallest mountain, or to the very bottom of the sea!”   “What’s all this commotion?Who has cut short my nap?” Thought Teddy, Grandad’s lazy but very curious cat.”Why, it’s nothing but a machine!Was that really worth all this noise that has interrupted my dreams?”      But we were much too busy to notice Teddy.We certainly weren’t paying attention.We were too busy to see him sneak through the door,or to notice him curl up on the Time Machine floor.

       Whata bad time it was, that Teddy had chosen,forsomething was about to happen to him, right at that moment…                   How the machine burst intolife!How it gave Grandad and I anawful fright!”What’s that noise?” we bothcried,and while all this washappening, our poor Teddy was still inside! “What could have caused this?”cried Grandad,”My Time Machine is in a realtwist!Somebody call somebody!Somebody do something and make it quick!My poor Teddy is still inside!”Before we knew it, Teddy wasgone.And he was in for one bumpyride…

        “What happened to me?”And where could I be?I feel as if something strange has happened to me!”     But Teddy barely had time to collect his thoughts,When he looked up and spotted a ginormous dinosaur.   How those dinosaurs ROARED,How the winged beasts soared!How Teddy got out of there as fast as he could!      Back in the shed, Grandad was trying his best,To rescue poor Teddy,And get him back home intobed.”Try this button” I said,”This red one, maybe that’sthe one that’ll bring him home!”   Teddy luckily had escaped one terrible place,But as he opened his eyes to see where he was,He suddenly realised that he was now travellingthrough space!      How the stars shone bright!How aliens in theirspaceships chuckled with delight!”Oh”, thought Teddy, “somethingis certainly amiss,I wasn’t expecting to spendmy evening somewhere quite like this.

”           Back at home, we tried once again,Perhaps this blue button willbring him back to our shed?      “I must be the unluckiest catin world,” Teddy thought,”Why do bad things alwayshappen to me?”As he now found himselffloating, at the very bottom of the sea.                  How the mermaids sang!How the fishes swam! “This is quite the adventure I’m on”, Teddy thought,”But I think I’d much rather be asleep at home.”   Teddy had grownquite tired of his journey,”Bringme back! Come on, I really need to go.Or I’m going tomiss my favourite TV show!”                                    “Just one button left, this has to be the one!As soon as we press it, I’m sure we’ll get Teddy backhome!”Sure enough, just as Rose said,When she pushed the last button,Teddy landed right back in our shed!                              “What a relief,” sighedGrandad “I’m very glad to have him home!”He scratched Teddy behind the ears and said,”Wow, what an adventure! All the places you must have seen!”But all Teddy really wanted was to go straight back to bed.