What you just leave me I want to know

What mother you know would abandon her kid? Weeks at a time leaving no food in the fridgeA trifling mom who didn’t seem careYou were too high to realize it would affect me over the years Thought I’d be fine but for many nights shed tears Having you move from place to place Living a dead giveaway  When you took your love away Felt like God closed the door that day Over the years I’ve endured so much pain  Even when the sun was shining mine was filled with rainAll the opportunities I could’ve hadInstead of being a bad memory in my pastYou left me broken in pain That will always remain I know this might sound crazy or even InsaneIf you haven’t been through this you haven’t felt my pain   Try losing your mother and think life would remain the sameWhat do you expect me to do now When all I wanted to know was how How could you sit so far away and blame things on my dad? It’s your fault you left And he’s all that I had You have never saw me go to my first high school danceBut that’s gone now you blew that chanceYou never call Just to talk to me How could you just leave me I want to know why Why you decided to leave Decided not to be a part of my lifeHow could you have a kid and just leave? That’s no way to act Thats no way to behave You didn’t even show up to your own kids court case You have no heart how can you have a child You don’t write see or call?Ive moved on with my life Without you by my side You never tried But i’ll still keep my pride So many nights ive cried And every time I wanted to be with you You made up some stupid lieMaybe you’re the reason why I am the way I am Today So I will continue to smile and be on my way Without you while you sit thereAnd do whatever it is you do I got a new mom someone who caresIt’s just not fair                                                   Because she’s the one who was there                                                         She did what you couldn’t do And she’s the same age as you So don’t use that stupid excuse I didn’t deserve this mental AbuseShe has helped me through life Not you. So many days sitting by a window and you didn’t show up Maybe you should grow up There is nothing you can do to make up for this now So I hope you remember the son that you left behind How can someone humankind have this state of mind I hope you realizeYou were the sacrifice that gave me a better life My love for you has died You haven’t even tried or supplied you just sat there and lied