What supplies with dangerous bacteria, parasites, and viruses”. (Meder)

What causes water to become unsafe after a natural disaster? Natural Disasters can lead to people not being able to drink water or becoming sick from drinking the water. During Hurricane Maria people in Puerto Rico were struck very bad in which some of their homes were destroyed and everywhere was destroyed. I will also be talking about how people can work together to be able to have clean water to use.Storms can cause drinking water unsafe for people because they can get sick or they can die just drinking the water. People in Puerto Rico still don’t have clean water to drink from so they just drink the water from the rivers which can be contaminated with bacteria and other diseases because of the Hurricane Maria. “Flooding can cause human and animal waste to contaminate water supplies with dangerous bacteria, parasites, and viruses”. (Meder) These are just some reasons why drinking infected water can be very dangerous and how you can get very sick from drinking it.Us as a community can help so water that we drink can be clean and people won’t get sick when they drink it. Residents in Ohio didn’t have drinking water so they were told to boil the water so it can be drinkable and their wouldn’t be any type of diseases in it. “Residents of Toledo, Ohio were doubly confused last month, first by warning of dangerous levels of microorganisms that can cause serious liver damage: don’t boil your water, residents were told. Days later , Toledo citizens were confusingly told to boil all water before drinking. Only later it was clarified that this boil advisory was unrelated to the microorganisms event: a broken water main had raised concerns about possible bacterial influx”. (Jacobs)    Global access to drinking safe water has increased according to unicef “Since 2001, 1.4 billion people have gained access to basic drinking water services, such as piped water into the home or a protected dug well”. (Unicef) However “In 2015, 844 million people still lack a basic water service and among them almost 159 million people still collected drinking water directly from rivers, lakes and other surface water sources”. (Unicef) Drinking water after a natural disaster is a risk you should not take. According to “The Guardian nearly 2 million children a year die for want clean water and proper sanitations”. (Guardian) Try avoiding water from any source other than bottled water because there is a possibility you might get very sick. Take as much precaution as possible to maintain you and your family healthy.