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What comes to mind when you hear “Personality Disorder”? For most people they would think of a dangerous person but that’s wrong. Most of the time people with personality disorder aren’t dangerous at all. For example, people with borderline personality disorder hurt themselves more than anyone else. Let us start off with what borderline personality disorder, BPD, is.

BPD is a mental illness that revolves around having trouble managing emotions effectively and having the feeling of losing control, often occurring in relationships. This can affect all relationship but sometimes BPD will only effect some or non-at all. Borderline personality disorder usually begins during adolescence or early adulthood. People with BPD can be focus and organized in some settings but a complete wreck in other. People with BPD have trouble being constant with their behaviors, thoughts and emotions. If BPD isn’t properly taken care of or treated it could lead to other problems such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

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 Other traits of BPD include being afraid of abandonment, drastic mood swings, persistent feelings of emptiness, random bursts of anger and an unstable self-image. There’s a lot of popular myths that come along with borderline personality disorder. For example, one of the most popular myths is the BPD is a rare disorder but like I said it’s a myth. BPD is actually common but many doctors miss diagnosis their patience’s with depression or anxiety because depression usually comes along with BPD. Another myth about BPD is that only woman can develop borderline personality disorder. This is not only a lie but is actually harmful. It not only decreases the acceptance to men with BPD but also reduces the awareness with men leading to many miss diagnosis and many men not getting the help they need. The third myth and what I think is the most harmful to people with BPD is that people with borderline personality disorder are only looking for attention.

People with BPD will often experience strong emotions that they can lose control of. This can lead to fits, outbursts and self-harm which many people see as attention seeking. What most people don’t understand is these are real emotion and impulses which they can’t control.  The cause of borderline personality disorder is still in the early stages of research. So far, many researchers believe that BPD can be influenced by genetics or the environment.

 Although these aren’t the only things that can cause someone to develop BPD. People also suspect BPD can be caused by traumatic events that happens during childhood.  Such as abuse, bullying, loss of a loved one and neglect. Remember, the cause of BPD is still in early stages of research.

What I listed before can cause BPD but not always and the causes of BPD aren’t limited to what I have listed. People with borderline personality disorder should get some professional assistance because BPD could get worse or lead to other problems like depression, as I mentioned previously. BPD can’t be cured but can be treated to become more manageable. Treatment is being developed that has shown to reduce BPD symptoms such as dialectical behavior therapy, also known as BDT, and depression or anxiety medication which has shown to be effective. BPD is a personality disorder that’s not really talked about because people are afraid of it. It’s important to remember that people with borderline personality disorder are still people.

If you know someone with BPD the best thing to do is listen to them and focus on them as person. If you’re someone with BPD don’t be ashamed of who you are.