What one duration of time are declared awful in



is fashion?

Fashion is an art of the mind that
provides a self expression and tells a story about the one who wears it. It is
important for both physical appearance as well as the psychological state of
mind. Clothing or apparel means the cloth you wear whereas fashion is how you
wear it because clothes create a rather wordless means of communication that
people well understand. It is a frame of mind. A spirit, a new side of one’s
self. Fashion is actually all about how comfortable you feel with your own

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is it important?

So coming to why is fashion important,
it is because it is a way to express one self that allows people to experience
different types of roles in life. No matter whether you prefer bold or modest
clothing, fashion helps the chameleon in each one of us. It is a way of
experiencing and experimenting with the diversity and variety of the world in
which we live. It is also a reflection of different class and categories in the
society. It is a way of calculating one’s mood that can be helpful culturally,
socially, psychologically and many various forms.



is a clothing/apparel?

Apparel is just any other word for what
ever you wear, be it a dress, shoe, jewelry, or a bag.



main purpose of clothing or dressing

As we all know the most common
objective to dress or wear clothes is to provide comfort, warmth and protection.

Clothes that are known for its beauty
in one duration of time are declared awful in the next, and also uniforms, the
plain straightforward and most easily recognized clothing tends to change its


of design

The elements of design act as a base
foundation for the advancement and origination for every design. Without these
elements design has no basis of existence.

The four elements of fashion design:







They are ought to be used by every



of fashion design

Despite the fact that all designs are
made up of the components or elements of fashion design, the principles of
fashion design take up a different role that act as the guiding rules or basics
that supervise whether or not a particular design is rewarding and creatively
attractive and peaceful to eyes. They are as follows:





Without these, fashion is incomplete.



A jacket is short kind of a coat that
usually opens down from the front and is worn by both men and women. Jacket is
regarded as one of the most essential clothing in a man’s closet. The different
types of jackets are:

-The casual, lightweight jacket

-The denim jacket

-The leather jacket

-The winter coat

-The statement jacket

The jacket is a must have clothing and
the personal favorite of most to wear.



Denim is a fascinating piece of clothing, that can never
fade out of style. There are ten types of denim jackets usually seen worn in the
modern era:

-Vintage Soul

-Structured Fit

-Oversized Classic

-Grungy Gal

-Dressy City Girl

-Casual Chic

-Color Pop

-Flower Child

-Jeweled Darling

Its multi skilled, fragility and innate coolness properties
are just a few of the reasons why it has become a true cornerstone for modern
day dressing!


process of denim jackets

Jeans are made of a material called
denim. The name “denim” originates from 
a sturdy fabric that was called “Serge de Nîmes”,  made in Nîmes, France, therefore “de Nîmes” –
“denim”. Here are a few known processes used in the manufacturing of denim


-Warp Preparation – Dyeing and Sizing

-Continuous Indigo – Rope Dyeing and Sizing

-Continuous Indigo dyeing and sizing

-Indigo-back beam dyeing and sizing

-Continuous dyeing and sizing





Ideas to
reconstruct out of a denim jacket

Bored of using your denim, but probably can’t throw it away
because it’s still good? There are plenty of ways by which you can reuse old


1.               Denim
Coasters and Table Mat

2.              Notebook

3.              Denim

4.              Denim
Laptop Case

5.              Denim
Charpai Cot

6.              Denim

7.              Denim

8.              Denim

9.              Denim

10.            Denim
Blue Pencils

                                                      and so the list goes on….




I think the fashion industry is vulnerable to most of the
celebrities and brands, rather than the sake of the original design.
Undoubtedly there are a few designs that are really deserving and meant to be.
The fashion industry has a long way to go and I hope that it does wonders in
the future and doesn’t just do business to create money.