What Multiple sclerosis is disease which is long-lasting and

What is the Nervous System: The nervous system is made up of “billons of two way communcation nerve cells in the body”- (infomration in quotations from the book The complete Human body volume 2 by Professor Alice Roberts).The Nervous system is seperated into two systems; The central nevous which is made up of the brain and spinal cord,the other system is the periphel nervous system whicn is made up of the nervous and bundles of fibers which are commonly called axons.How the system works: The two parts of the nervous system both work in different ways,The spinal cord is the part of the system which obtains the signals given by the muscles,joints and the skin of the body, another job it is responsible for is carrying the nerves which are in charge of contolling all  movement in the body. The brain is commonly considered the most complex part of the nervous system , the job of the brain is to collect the signals given of by the ears, mouth ,nose and the eyes and the rest of the body which are given off from the spinal cord.

The brian then uses the data to help with reactions, to help us think about things and will also remember infromation the brian will then send this information to the appropiate part of the body for the correct reaction. Mutiple Sclerosis: The Disease I have chosen which affects the Nervous system is Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is disease which is long-lasting and commonly only affects the brain ,hoewever some cases have shown that it can also affect the spinal cord as well. MS causes problems with movement in the legs and arm which will create numbness or a tingling sensation, it is also known to cause severe problems with “balance and vision and this is due to the nerves and the cells inside becoming damaged because of MS”(information in qouataions is from the website healthline.com ,article published on 24 June 2013). As Multipal Sclerosis is a life long condition this can sometimes affect the life expectancy of people that are diganosed which discreases their life span by seven years minimum. According the NHS the amount of people who are diagnosed a year is 5000, and it is usually found in adults aged 20-30 however there has been somecases where people under the age of 20 , infact 5% of cases are aged 18 or under.

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Women are more two to three times likely to be diganosed then men, many health experts have suggested this is due to hormones. The common tyoe of MS that paients will be diagnosed with is the Relapsing- remitting Multipal Sclerois.What Causes Multiple Sclerosis? – Multple Sclerosis Disease is also known as an