What lives in time and perishes in time. As

What is the importance of Passive

#1 Passive Income gives you the
Freedom of Time:

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 Time is the greatest wealth one can possess.
Time is invaluable. Our own existence is measured in terms of time. We grew up
in time, lives in time and perishes in time. As for the saying goes “Time and
Tide waits for none”, unless you are an aspiring scientist who dreams to devise
a time machine. If are then comment below, I wouldn’t want to lose such
a golden opportunity to relive all my best moments in life.

 So time is utterly precious. In a life of 9 to
5 rat race, you won’t be getting much quality time to spend on your passion or
with your family and friendly. But with a multiple passive income sources you
become financially free to do your will. This can ease you at work and provide ample
amount of time at your disposal.

This is the power of passive

#2 Passive Income provides
stability and steady financial growth in life:

are living in ever changing world. Here the most uncertain are likely to
happen. With the rapid growth in technological field and tremendous
transformation in world markets; loss of job, high inflation, huge market
depression are quite unpredictable. Security in job and stability in life have
become invaluable assets in current scenario.

Just imagine for a while, every
month some random stranger pays for all your bills, your child education and
still leaves behind some credits into your bank balance with the payment you
earned from the active income source. Whoa! Just imagining this sends a chill
down my spine. This could be a crucial crunchy point in your life, won’t it be?

Yes, this is what actually
happens it everyone who adapts to the evolutionary way of earning passive
income. Once financial independency and stability comes to play, then it’s just
a matter of time for you to envision exponential growth in life.



So, now if you are all geared up
mentally to be millionaire or even a billionaire then here are the top 10 ways
to generate passive income.