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What is Chatbots?  Chatbots represent a great opportunity for businesses to reach customers where they already are, in the messaging apps.

Chatbots allow businesses to deliver services in a highly personalized manner where the message, operations and human support can be combined with one experience. They are available 24/7 and they have access to a very broad array of information and functionality. They can also outperform humans in terms of the speed and accuracy in a narrow domain.

 While chatbots have the capability to replace humans for certain tasks, they also can be used to augment what human agents can offer their clients. The chatbot can, for example, provide suggested responses for the human agent or bring up relevant information in a timely manner which the human agent can then act on. The fact that chatbots are used directly in a communication channel means that the collaboration between the bot and a human agent is far easier to achieve. Conversational AI is already hard at work in hospitality, taking fast food orders and helping travellers plan trips. While still in its infancy in the hotel sector, robotics holds enormous potential in several areas of booking and purchasing. For one thing, it lowers the cost of service via automation.

Coupled with the industry’s growing operational costs, that potential will drive hotels to adopt bots aggressively during the next decade. Equally important is chatbots’ potential to integrate with booking. By 2025, chatbots are likely to form a new reservation and notification channel for guests. Modeled on text conversations with call centre agents and website navigation paths, booking bots may be able to not only fulfil reservations but also upsell rooms and promotions in line with customer preferences. Now it uses natural language processing and learns with each (monitored) interaction. “The more conversations we have, the better we can train the bot to react to different questions,” he says. “That’s how the artificial intelligence works: The more content we have, the better the bot can handle conversations.

We quickly turned off features that we found to be inappropriate after the first launch: we learned the hard way