What have more impact than social media advertisements because

What are viral social media posts made up of? Learn tocreate one There is an old saying in marketing – “What you see,sells”, perhaps that’s why it is important for any idea to go viral onsocial media. Social media presence means more likes, more comments, moreviews, more followers and more subscribers.

Ever wondered why only someparticular posts go viral? Is there a secret mantra to create a viral socialmedia post? Well, the answer to that question is no, there is no such mantrabut some strategically planned guidelines. Mentioned below are some keyguidelines which can help your post go viral.     1. Make sure they spread the wordShare is the mouth of words, shares have more impact thansocial media advertisements because people don’t trust advertisements as muchas they trust a recommendation from a friend or an acquaintance.  2. Be TrendyIf you post something current you have a better chance ofgetting your content viewed. To be aware of the latest trends refer regularlyto Google trends or Twitter, make sure you add the trending hashtags andkeywords in your content to attract more traffic.

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 3.  Be InformativeInclude useful information in your content, provide aninformation to the people through your post so they feel they’ve learnedsomething new after going through your content.  4. Catch the eyesTry to show them rather than tell about your idea. Arelevant visual representation of an idea speaks volumes for it. According to astudy done by Buzzsumo on over 100million posts showed that posts with good visual imagery performed better thanthose with no visuals.

 5. Make sure you tickle their funny boneThe best way to communicate your idea is a highlyentertaining post. If you are able to make people laugh have a better chance ofgetting likes, comments, and shares onyour post.      6.

Keeping it short and simpleIt is important to limit your words to capture the attentionspan of the audience because we are living in a generation where people payattention to concise content and short texts. When it comes to video contentresearch suggest that 19% of the people click away from watching a video afteronly 10 seconds that means that the important message of the video shouldappear during its early seconds. 7. Be Practical People love something that they can relate to, such as asolution to a particular problem or simple observation of the daily life theycan relate to. When you post something that the audience can relate to theirlives it has a great chance of going viral. 8.

  Make them feellike an insiderPost interactive content by asking people questions aboutwhat kind of content they want to see in the future or ask them to share their storiesrelated to the post. When you make the audience feel like a VIP you increaseyour online presence and also build genuine readership for the future posts. 9. Connect with the audience emotionallyIncluding an emotional touch in your posts can help yourmessage resonate more effectively with your audience.

The feeling you get afterhearing, watching or reading something that strikes an emotional chordinfluences the behavior of the audience,hence they are more likely to share it with other people as well. 10. Spread Positivity through your postContent that tends to go viral is usually of a positivenature, people feel relaxed after reading or watching a positive post contraryto the post which is downbeat, people will probably feel depressed whilereading a downbeat post and will eventually skip it. Creating a viral post is not an exact science but if onefollows the above-mentioned guidelinesthe chances of the post going viral increases.