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What is Siteground?Siteground is one of the popular web hosting service for WordPress, and it provides great speed and security for WP. So, because of its potential, you can get the speed and security of the website.

The siteground has huge number of beneficial features to satisfy user needs, which includes automatic updates, FREE CDN, GIT version control, and one-click installation of huge softwares.These features will help your site running without any problem all the time. The services of siteground come with great schemes of pricing.

And you also can use free trial of siteground but for a short period of time only.What is Addon Domain?Addon domains are the role of Cpanel. The Cpanel is software that permits a user to control multiple features of the website. If user hosts only with the siteground website or any other provider who uses Cpanel, don’t need to setup addon domain. Because their account itself allocate a primary domain and they can use that to set up and launch their website.Addon domains ill exercise only when a user wants to control multiple websites on the same plan of hosting.

In this article, we are going to see how to add another domain to siteground hosting. So, follow the below steps carefully.Cpanel of Siteground:The hosting schemes of siteground use the Cpanel for account management. The user can use Cpanel to manage their databases, folders, files of their websites, domains, sub-domains and also they can create email accounts. The Siteground made Cpanel more accessible by customizing its skin and tools. And it uses many third-party tools for the users to control their account more.Pros and Cons:It is very important to know about pros and cons of siteground. So, here we are going to see some advantages and disadvantages of Siteground.

 ProsIntegrates with CloudFlare for better security and performance.It will Automatically backup your data.Customers can able choose server locationsIt gives useful support materials to clients.It has reliable security and customer service.ConsUnfortunately, It does not offer unlimited storage and bandwidth.

It has no Windows hosting.It does not offer monthly shared hosting plans.How to add add-on domain in Siteground:To create an addon domain. First, enter into your siteground dashboard.

After that, select “My Accounts” from the dashboard.On the left side of your Cpanel, you can see the name-server of your hosting account. If your domain is enrolled with another domain registrar, then you need to upgrade the name server of the domain to point to siteground.

Then, on the same page, click on addon domains to create another domain to your siteground account.Now, you have to enter all the information of your new domain.New Domain name:Type the new domain name which you want to add(excluding http://)Subdomain or FTP  username:Leave this box as the default which Cpanel creates for you but you can edit it if you want.Document tool:Leaving this box as the default. If my domain was “SLSprop.

com” then all the files which related with that website will be stored in “/slsprop.com/” folder.Password:Now, type a password to secure your details and enter the same password one more time for the confirmation.Finally, click the “Add Domain” button.That’s all, you added your domain name into siteground.How to Point your domain nameserver:Here, we are going to discuss how to point your domain name server on siteground. But, if your domain is acquired from siteground, then you don’t have to follow this procedure.

Play this steps only if you bought a domain from another domain registrar you should login to your management dashboard to do the process. After that, click on your domain name, choose name-server and then update the name server.Usually, it takes 1-4 hours to generate name server. So, within that time you can install WordPress on your domain name, but keep in mind that to ingress on your website dashboard, you have to wait till name server propagation to finish.

Benefits of add-on domain:Here, we are going to see some benefits of having an addon domain.In the same hosting account you can generate different domains and websites.You can also save the money, with the help of this single hosting account when compared to several web hosting accounts.With the addon domain, the user has same capability like disk space, bandwidth, etc.The add-on domain has its own independent FTP manager, site statistics and storage bins which are automatically posted and can also upload different postings, pages, images and forums to your addon domain directoryYou can also ingress your addon domain using various site addresses.To obtain SEO benefits, various websites can be promoted from the single hosting account effortlessly, using full benefits of several sets of keywords.

These are the benefits of add-on domain.Siteground features:24/7 technical support30-day money-back guarantee99.9% uptime guaranteeFree ‘.com’ domainFree daily backupUnlimited traffic, emails, DBsFree setup and transferCpanel and SSH accessFree CloudFlare CDNThese are the key features of Siteground hosting.

Conclusion:In this article, we have discussed how to add add-on domain in siteground. Just read the article carefully to know about addon domain.  I hope we provide enough information about addon domain of siteground website if you need any additional information you can drop it in the below comment section.