We shoes, tennis shoes, and Croc-like sandals are not

We have revised our dress code policy. Our
employees can now dress in business casual attire throughout the week. We
expect that this change in policy will enhance productivity, work-life
flexibility, and the overall employment experience. While we know that you will
be enthusiastic about this new policy and we are excited to be the first
national public accounting and consulting firm to foster casual dress in the
workplace every day, please keep in mind that we still expect you to dress in
business professional attire when meeting with clients and to uphold certain
standards even in casual clothing.


Listed below is an overview of business-appropriate
casual wear and a brief overview of items that are not acceptable for the
workplace. This list should not be considered all-inclusive but should provide
insight into what we expect from you- you should still use your best judgment
when choosing business attire.

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·       Slacks or
Pants: Khaki or corduroy pants,
jeans, and capris are considered appropriate if they are not overly form
fitting, do not have holes, and are not frayed. Sweatpants, leggings, exercise
wear, shorts, and low rise/hip hugger pants/jeans are not work appropriate.

·       Shirts: Polo knit or golf shirts, Oxford shirts, company logo
wear, short-sleeve blouses/shirts, turtlenecks, blazers & sports coats and
jackets/sweaters are generally considered work appropriate. Shirts should be
properly buttoned, and shirts with tails should be tucked in. Shirts with
slogans or writing (other than the company logo), t-shirts and sweatshirts,
beachwear, sleeveless blouses/shirts, exercise wear, crop tops, midriff-baring
tops, and spaghetti strap tops are not work appropriate.

·       Shoes: Boating/deck shoes, moccasins, and casual, low-heel,
open back shoes are appropriate. Sandals, thongs & flip-flops, open-toe
shoes, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, and Croc-like sandals are not work

·       Personal
Hygiene and Grooming: As with our
previous policy, you are expected to uphold hygiene and grooming standards such
as keeping well-groomed hair, wearing clean and wrinkle-free clothing, and
avoiding excess use of cologne/perfume.


We will begin this new policy
immediately and we hope that you will join us in creating a more relaxed,
engaged, and productive work environment. If you have any questions, please
reach out to your HR representative.