We pursue my study at a higher level and

We all know that the vast majority of people are never aspired to go into a specific profession from a very young age. Advancement of new technology has been one of the reasons that’s always kept me interested and always will. There’s always something more to learn. What had truly sparked my interest was when my father and I once dissembled a drill. Since seen the internal mechanism of the drill, I’ve always been keen on how other day-to-day appliances work.

In these recent years, the complexity of dismantling and re-fixing any form of machinery I found had just become a hobby. However, I didn’t have the greatest understanding of how machines are manufactured and had a desire to learn about engineering in a lot more depth. Hence, why I chose to study Higher Access to Engineering which helped me refine my theoretical knowledge and problem solving skills. This course has primarily given me an insight of the theory and basic principles behind engineering. Thus, it has prepared me to pursue this at a much higher level. Outside of my studies, I work at Amazon and help run a business which has allowed me to gain essential transferable skills such as; problem solving, becoming an excellent communicator, being able to work as a team and having good leadership/analytical skills.

One of the reasons why I had taken a gap year was to support my family to start up a business. This influenced me to become a lot more responsible, by taking sensible important decisions for the benefit of the business and to also keep productivity of the business to function smoothly. These valuable transferable skills will help me implement them at academic level of university. As well as, ultimately been beneficial when applying those skills through practical applications within the mechanical field, as an engineer. During my time outside the course, I watch shows like ‘How it’s made?’, ‘MythBusters’ and ‘How stuff works’. I’ve also visited an industrial museum which has made me develop a further interest in the mechanical engineering field. Such as, the effects of their designs on the environment; how both energy and dynamic systems are used to store energy and how manufacturing continuous to evolve and change as technology is developing.

Studies and work aside, I also enjoy building and collecting diecast models. I’m currently working on a project; to build a 1:8-scale replica model of the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500. I intend to pursue my study at a higher level and be able gain more knowledge than ever before.

I really look forward to studying mechanical engineering at university, and then be able to use my knowledge and experience and put into practice. With the reward of making a difference in some of the most well-known mechanical engineering companies in the industry.