We manual transmission. This is a part directly connected

We have many sources of transportation. One of the most common, if not the most common, source is the car. It drives on four wheels.

It has a very complex design. It first has the leaf-spring suspension. Steel thin leaves are all stuck together by clamps. This sticks the wheels and brakes to the car. Second is manual transmission. This is a part directly connected to the car. It is the gears, which move the car. Third, is one of the most important part, the engine.

This is the main power source of the car and what gets it to do its main function, drive. Fourth is the clutch, which lets you easily change gears. You push on the clutch pedal, change gears, then let go and continue driving.

Fifth are the electric starter motors, which start the car up using electricity. Then, we have oil. Oil acts as a lubrication between the metal parts.  These are the major parts to a car and what currently helps us go from place to place. However, many cars don’t have many devices that prevent accidents. Many are dying because of high speeds or malfunctions. There needs to be parts that will fix that.B.

) History The first ever automobile was made in Germany and France in the 1800’s. In 1901 the first motor car was built and it was the Mercedez. Cars were mainly for the rich until Henry Ford came along. He built the Model T, the most revolutionizing car of all time. Many could afford this car and many were able to meet distant relatives.

These cars played a huge role in World War II. Many military vehicles were made to help in war. The war caused car manufacturing to go very high. 29 billion dollars worth of materials were made in the war. Later, Japan would start to manufacture cars and become one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world.C.) Future Technology In twenty years, future cars are going to drive by them and fly. To prevent pollution and loss of resources we could have solar, hydroelectric, or wind powered cars.

Then we have devices that prevent death. We can have a car built with stronger material, like diamond, which can act as an armor. Cars will have A.

I. like Cortana or Siri, which can help detect car issues, health issues, etc. and warning the driver. It could also have straps that connect to you that sense your heartbeat and your current condition. If someone is drunk, the car will find a way to prevent im from driving. It could use a GPS history were it could detect the nearest loved one to get you to by going on autopilot.

The car will have a big airbag, which is stuffed in the side of the car. When in danger your car, or the A.I.

, will let out an airbag around the car to take any hits. If someone is being robbed or attacked, the A.I.

will let out a distress call to the police and try it’s best to prevent anyone from getting hurt. It could also have sensors, with improved satellites also working, to detect speed limits and make sure no one goes above it. Many racers and suicidal people go above the limit for obvious reasons. There could be a speed cap with an automatic setting and a manual. Adding on to that there can be a complete stop setting. If a crash is about to happen, the car will go to a complete stop and make sure it moves no further.

Seat belt are going to tighten not letting the passenger fly through the front window.There could be a terrain setting, putting the car in different modes to make sure it doesn’t fail in the middle of the ride. For example, there could be a setting that makes sure cars don’t slip off the road when it is snowing. Apple or Microsoft could really help with the A.I. because they both had a lot of experience working with it before.

Many A.I. could detect a suicidal person by seeing what they say and giving the suicide prevention hotline. However, with all the new and improved tech, hacking is sure to happen.

This could hurt the driver in many ways like getting the driver lost and maybe even killing th driver. The car, if hacked, will turn on a sort of a safe mode, which takes out many features of the car like self-driving, automatic brakes, A.I., and anything that turns on automatically.