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We started off the unit with discussing physical characteristics and features. We discussed the Scandinavian Peninsula sweden, finland, and norway and it’s icy mountains; the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark and its level land; the Iberian Peninsula in Spain and Portugal and the pyrenees; the Italian Peninsula and its beaches and cliffs in Italy; The Balkan Peninsula and its rugged land in Southeastern Europe; the icy Alps on the short border of Italy; The young, jagged Pyrenees in between Spain and France separating the two countries from each other. The Apennine Mountains that act as a bisector for Italy making it separated between the east and the west; The Balkan mountains located in the Balkan Peninsula that section Eastern Europe from every other part of Europe; the Danube River that flows from the south of the country Germany to Hungary and Romania and pours and releases into the Black Sea; the Rhine River that runs through the countries Germany and France and into the Swiss Alps; and the long Northern European plain with fertile land for farming that starts at the southeastern border of england and extends to Poland, western France, Russia, and the Ukraine.

Europe is considered one of the most culturally diverse continents with there being a multitude of different religions, ethnicities, and cultures. Each country has their own culture and some have their own language. Socialism is a major aspect in Europe.

They have health care coverage from the government, extremely high taxes, and no homework! That would be nice. The average European does less work than the average American and they have more services for the unemployed and retired than America does. Northern Europe includes countries such as Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Finland, Iceland, and Norway. The economy in Europe has a mixture of industrial, post industrial, and agriculture. Like America, the service industry plays a major role in the health of the economy.

Europe, like any land inhabited by humans, has a major pollution problem. Water pollution is easy to spread and since most countries share bodies of water, it is hard to keep the water pollution issue under control. Industrial waste is a main contributor to the water pollution in Europe. Air pollution is also a major problem in Europe.

There is a smog problem due to industrial waste and the air pollution is harmful for the environment and all animals living in said environment. Europe is working on solutions to fix the water and air pollution crisis by coming together and passing laws to correct these wrongdoings. People have been known to missuse the land in Europe by farming too much, bad farming habits and practices, the removal of an increasing amount of necessary vegetation, and the overgrazing of livestock (soil erosion). Deforestation, the high concentration of industries causing air pollution, the burning of coal to form smog, and water pollution are all major environmental issues that Europe faces.