We and the old man uses Catch-22 logic in

We go back into 1943, where Yossarian again, trying to avoid P.E. class training, claims that he has a liver condition, showing that somethings do not changeHe is cleared ten days later and is saved by a patient who yells, “I see everything twice” and then they quarantine everyone for fourteen days Yossarian spends his Thanksgiving in the hospital and says that it is the most rational one he has had so he vows to continue to have his Thanksgivings at a hospital but ends up having it at Lieutenant Scheisskopf’s wife in a hotel room where they have an argument about God and calls Him “a country bumpkin” and he considers the evening illogical Yossarian goes back to the previous Thanksgiving and is now the man screaming, “I see everything twice”Yossarian masquerades as a dying soldier for the benefit of a family as per a request of the doctor’s, they do not recognize that he is not their son and the visit becomes surprisingly emotional, leaving Yossarian in tears Colonel Cathcart is beginning to suspect Yossarian as his name has so many “s” sounds and reminds him of negative connotative words such as, “subversive”, “socialist”, and “communist”Nately has an argument about nationalism with an old man from Italy and the old man uses Catch-22 logic in saying that although America is very rich and powerful it will undoubtedly lose the war and Italy in its poor and meek ways will win. The old man believes that it is better to survive as slaves than to die as heroesThe chaplain begins to doubt his belief in God, and after an inspirational moment when the chaplain sees the naked man in a tree at Snowden’s funeral, he decides that it was either a holy vision or the product of a delusional mind and we find that Yossarian and his circle have befriended the chaplain although it becomes an unexpected blessing for the chaplain, who has always been lonely and ostracized Yossarian finds Nurse Duckett attractive so the next morning he tries talking to her and eventually harass her with the help of Dunbar and a wrathful colonel chews out Dunbar and Yossarian but Dunbar tries defending himself and says that it was because Yossarian is crazy, claiming that he has dreams of sleeping with a live fish in his hands.

 The colonel, aghast, send Yossarian to a staff psychiatrist, Major Sanderson and questions him about the fish dream but Yossarian gives him made up answers but Sanderson rejoices that Yossarian understands him showing his belief in his malevolent lies