Water kind of water can become polluted, regardless of

Water pollution is defined as the presence
in groundwater of toxic chemicals that exceed what is naturally found in the
water and may pose a threat to human health and the environment. Additionally,
water pollution may consist of chemicals introduced into the water bodies as a
result of various human activities. Any amount of those chemicals pollutes the
water, regardless of the harm they may pose to human health and the
environment. Any kind of
water can become polluted, regardless of its size or location. Water pollution
is generally of 3 types i.e. chemical, radiological and biological. Water
pollution is an adverse problem that causes many problems, like it affects
humans, greenhouse effect, and animals as well. Major countries causing this
problem are China, USA, India, Japan and Germany.

Water is at core of sustainable development and
is critical for socio economic development, so Australia is taking major part
in reducing water pollution problem in every way. Australia is taking strong
and effective action on climate change to achieve international commitments.
The Government is developing a direct action plan, including A$2.25 billion
emission reduction fund to meet 2020 target. Australia is also playing major
role in UNFCCC, Paris agreement for the reduction of greenhouse effect.  For the reduction of water pollution
Australia is protecting the Great Barrier Reef which is a maze of 3000 coral reefs
and 1050 islands, the Great Barrier Reef covers an area the size of Italy and
stretches 2300 km along Australia’s north-east coast. Australia
is also working on the recycling of bottles since it is one of the most
plastic, can bottle consuming country. Australia is also working on the
cleanliness of beaches, easing the load of sewage system, and reduction of
storm water pollution. Considering these advancements the Australian
government’s commitment to the cause is undeniable.

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With all the programs and
the initiatives taken by the Australian government to counter water pollution,
the government of Australia is confident and determined to solve the issue by
international cooperation. With an
ideology to have positive results and hope to make the global community a
better place to live that is free from water pollution which is becoming one of
the major issues of this modern developed world.