was was just getting done with the tractor as

was a quiet summer’s day on the farm business as usual. Jake was as eager as ever to finish cleaning the barn as the smell was repulsive to say the least. Jake’s dad was just getting done with the tractor as he did everyday. There was a strong sense of routine on the farm, it was the same thing day in day out. However for a young 17 year old like Jake in 1939 bigger things where on his mind.

He wanted to see the world. He didn’t really have any friends living on the farm his whole life as him as his Dad lived in their farm in Iowa which was miles away from the nearest town which even then didn’t have a huge population. Jake was homeschooled by his Father so he could help run the farm from a young age. Jake’s dad carried a huge burden with him with the death of his wife when Jake was young. He was never really the same having that hole in his life with the death of the love of his life, he never really moved on from. So Jake has been brought very lonely bored most days, only farm work to keep him occupied. But Jake’s boring mundane life was about to change.

It was later that afternoon when he was just sitting on the porch taking in the Sun when he seen a car come over the hill but it was going very slow there appeared to be smoke coming out of it.He ran over as quick as he could to try and help with his muddy boots and sweaty shirt to see what the problem was. That’s when he saw her the most beautiful girl he had ever seen he had seen a girl before but not one like this a smile to die for, thick voluptuous blonde hair and eyes like diamonds they were such a precious baby blue. Jake struck by the looks of the girl didn’t even notice the mother of the girl in the car calling at him. When he broke out of the daze he realised he was being asked his name and that if he could push the car down to the farm and if he could a look at it hesitantly and nervously he said “I’m Jake and I’d be delighted to try and help my Dad will take a look at the car for you” So he started to push the car down the hill slowly and carefully not to make any mistakes and decided to introduce himself to the beautiful girl. So he introduced himself and simply giggled and said quietly “I’m Charlotte it’s nice to meet you Jake where you live is beautiful”. Jake nodded even though he didn’t really agree with her he just seen it as boring farmland that he seen day in day out he agreed with her just to polite and get off on a good foot with Charlotte.

“Don’t you think you’re a bit dirty Charlotte cheekily said to Jake, and Jake scoffed at Charlotte he took it to personally and Charlotte said that “It was just a joke no need to get any sweat on that shirt of yours”. Jake apologised for his behaviour and said “farm work isn’t easy trust me a beautiful lady like you could end up looking like me pretty quickly if you did this day in day out” Charlotte bursted out in laughter.Instantly charmed by Jake,Charlotte found an appeal in him that she hadn’t found with other boys in her life.She couldn’t pinpoint it if it was his scruffiness or the appeal of him working on this farm.But she did have a good first impression of the young man.As they made it down to the house and Jake and Charlotte continued their small talk. Jake’s dad seem them approach and went back inside he was very distant even from his son let alone from a couple of strangers.Charlotte asked about Jake’s dad and he said that they aren’t very close but he understands in that his dad has been through a lot and talked about how he had served in the Great War back in the day and how the day of his mother didn’t help his dad mentally.

Charlotte felt sorry for both Jake and his dad in that they didn’t have a real relationship compared to Charlotte and her mother who were very close they did everything together. Jake’s dad however did come out to look at the car and said that he could fix the engine but it would take until the next day to fix at least. That didn’t disappoint Jake in the slightest in that it meant Charlotte would have to spend the night at the farm so he could get to know her better and spend time with someone his age.

Charlotte wanted to see what it would be like without the community around her house which was always busy and was a lot bigger she was intrigued by Jake’s way of life. Charlotte’s mother wasn’t as keen but realised they’d have nowhere else to stay. Charlotte wanted a house tour but Jake was reluctant there wasn’t much to show he had a poster of Rita Hayworth in his room along with baseball bat and ball and a bed of course that was scruffy looking and unkempt but Jake said “welcome to paradise”. Charlotte gained respect for Jake in seeing how little he has but still gets up everyday,does his work and keeps his father company he doesn’t want him to be completely isolated.

But Jake explains that “This isn’t what I want I want something worth more It’s good honest work but I lack purpose I’m not properly schooled, I don’t have any friend’s really”. Then Charlotte buts in and says “You have a real friend now” Jake grinned ear to ear and said ” thank you I do see you as a friend but after you’re gone my life will be the same farmer boy no real prospect for me.” Charlotte says to him that she could stay for a while be a friend and get to know him and keep him company. But Jake didn’t want to leave his dad he’s all alone out there Jake is all he’s got. Charlotte says “I want to spend more time with you I don’t know anyone like you.” then Charlotte grabs Jake’s hand and whispers “I didn’t know love at first sight but then I saw you” And she kisses him Jake shocked at first then embraces it, his first kiss it was in slow motion he runs his fingers through her hair and as Charlotte slowly backs away Jake doesn’t move frozen just taking it all in.