Wandering Sea dance through the trees. The first view

Wandering down the winding path from the town towards E-1027 sparks feelings of anticipation and adventure, descending from the bustle of the city to explore the house perched on a cliff by the sea. The approach path – lined with lush vegetation and fresh lemon trees – creates a sense of privacy which grows as the noise of the streets fade. Glimpses of the Mediterranean Sea dance through the trees.

The first view of the house is impressive – an ‘L-shaped’ white structure overhangs two drops in the terraced land, seemingly afloat on the warm air itself. The thin pilotis (columns) nestle into the terrain underneath at varying heights, grounding it.  A welcoming, spacious porch marks the entrance to E-1027.

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Instead of a traditional door a white wall sits straight ahead, inset from the exterior facade. To the left lies the service area, to the right is the main space. A partition screen blocks the sight of the inside for privacy’s sake and guides the inhabitant to the main room. Immediately striking are the 3-metre-high folding glass window panels running along the front wall, through which is the most incredible panoramic view of the sea and. The living area is 14 by 6.30 metres and has a low wall at the far end, behind which is a dressing area, with a shower, basin and cupboards. Against the wall enclosing this space and the back wall is a two person divan, ideal for relaxing.

Tucked away in the corner adjacent to the changing room is a small single divan in an alcove, next to a wall of storage panels and a pivoting table which allows for reading in bed. At the head of the bed is a door leading to a covered balcony exactly big enough to hang a hammock. Dotted around the multi-functional space lie some of Eileen Gray’s iconic furniture like her rounded Bibendum chair and her adjustable E1027 table.

  The wall seen on first entrance encloses a spiral staircase and a space which serves the dining table and doubles as a bar. Past the dining table in the living room and through the door lies the main bedroom. Continuing the multi-functionality of the rooms, the space closest the front shuttered windows has a desk and chair and acts as a boudoir-studio whilst a bed touches the back wall. A veranda accessible only via this room fits a daybed. Connected to the bedroom is a bathroom and toilet which can also be entered from the main space via the entrance passage. The main space can be opened up by way of a terrace if the window panels are closed against the white pillars.

The terrace has